April – a busy month

This month I have mainly been working (the paid variety) managing those about to take GCSE and A levels, gardening and trying to keep up with the challenge of writing a poem a day, among other things…. there’s a major garden project going on and normal life to keep up with…. a woman’s work is never done.

The blossoms are suffering from  the heavy rains and high winds….

Wet, windy weather
clusters of blossom blown down
fragile button-holes

girls in dancing clothes
pick up the battered blossoms
to put in their hair

the cat, exhausted
from chasing whirlwind petals
lazily stretches

For the National Poetry Writing Month, NaPoWriMo, which you can find here


Now I see the photo competition is ‘growing’ I shall be getting the camera out in the next few days, given that we get some good light…..


No Hockey Today
1970’s KGH

Across the sports-hall floor
in aertex blue shirts
short, navy gym-skirts
and sugar bag pants
all girls together,  we dance.

We change from Scottish Reel and dozy doe
to Waltzing and quick- quick- slow
us tall girls reluctant as men
holding our partner just ‘so’
giggling and treading on their toes.

Pull yourselves together, girls, says Mrs G
or it’s hockey on the top field-
the snow won’t bother me.