January 2012 Short Story, Marking Time.

Marking time

Margot had found it rather comforting, after the turmoil of the previous few days, to lie awake in the dark, waiting in the pause before the weighty inevitability of the funeral. It had been restless night: her sleep interspersed with vivid dreams and it was pitch black when she woke, no light yet edging in around the curtains.  Once awake she had just lain there inert, but acutely alert, with every cell of her body tuned into the emptiness beside her in the large double bed. Eventually she had reached out into the chill air for the light, and peered at the clock. Not yet five.

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Parents’ evening

Tonight’s early evening sky had a wash of palest blue, with a flush in places of rose pink, all overlaid with smudges of windswept charcoal.  I watched it change, and as we travelled the blue deepened until it was truly dark.

I noticed this on the way to Scout’s parents ‘student review evening’  just after we had squeezed around the roundabout, avoiding the turning where the ambulance and police cars were acting as an effective road block. By the time we reached school is was completely dark. We commented on how the evenings are really drawing out now.

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Gloomy days

It’s so dull and drippy here that when I tried more photos for the ‘Can you guess what is it yet? part II’  I failed miserably to get any decent shots. When doing the close-ups I find natural light works best… the flash at such close range just whites everything out.

So here is the tree we can see from our back garden…

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Here’s to Spring

It is bitterly cold out there today. Only -1 up to 2°C, so not as cold as it was leading up to Christmas – but the wind is biting.There’s a thick layer of ice on my wheelbarrow which filled up with water a little while a go. Spring seems so far off… so I was very pleased to snap some Spring like images this afternoon. They are a little dull as I arrived home from work after the sun had hidden itself again – but at least it was still light . Continue reading “Here’s to Spring”