Dido and Aeneas

My entry for Bearsy’s New Competition

Aeneas fled Troy’s epic, tragic ending.
Obeyed the Gods and journeyed ever West.
Tired of miles of endless, aimless wending.
Found rest and peace and love on Dido’s breast.
A brief respite. The Gods renewed their call.
He left. She wept, her love still unabated.
Then, hopeless. spurn’d and sworn to end it all,
She built her pyre, expired and immolated.

Ladies, mark her case. Try not to follow.
Don’t give your love to men whose paths are driv’n.
Their passions spent, their honey’d words ring hollow.
They leave, nor care if they are unforgiv’n.
Take care. Perhaps, like her, your heart’s pyre lurks,
He’ll not stay true despite remember’d fireworks.

Council House Blues- The Ballad of Sharon and Kev

Council House Blues- The Ballad of Sharon and Kev

Sharon’s Dad was full of rage,
In the Club at your young age!
Her Mum was worse: “You stupid mare,
Do you think we bleeding care?”

She did calm down at last to gloat
As Sharon rushed to grab her coat:
“You’ll gain more points and good thing too,
The council will provide for you.”

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Brave Monty Mouse: Midsummer Hell

One summer night when all was calm,
The nest of mice slept safe from harm.
Little snores and soft faint sighs,
Then Monty woke and rubbed his eyes.

He pricked his ears and listened hard.
Something strange; the silence marred,
By haunting notes from somewhere near;
His sleep disturbed, a touch of fear. Continue reading “Brave Monty Mouse: Midsummer Hell”

Ballad of Brave Monty Mouse: Part Three

Part Three: Strangers from afar

One sunny day in early spring
Monty heard his mobile ring.
Half asleep and still abed,
He answered, and a small voice said:

“Have you room for any more?
They’ve just arrived and very poor.
They came ashore not long ago;
They seem quite lost and spirits low:     beware, you have been warned->

Thought for the day!

So fair is Square and what’s her sin?
That Queen is also in the bin.
The dreaded Minotaur is out,
The rules they set, they now just flout.

I know I’m but a little voice,
But now we have a dreadful choice:
Do we take this and subside,
Or maybe fight and side by side.
We’ll make these fools eat humble pie

I say fight and do or die. Naught to lose
But lots to gain, and that is surely worth the pain.
A flood of prose could do the trick,
But poetry is much more slick

A round of verse is  what we need
Together we will all succeed.
In showing them we are a force
We will  defeat them in due course.

Whoever they are!

Whoops, for Claire!


Fiends and countrymen, lend me yours ears!
I’ll cut them off and try to make a purse of silk, but not of gold
When they themselves are totally blind to all that’s good.

Children at heart, their howls grow louder as they screech.
We do not hear;  they do not exist except in their deluded minds:
Have pity for they cannot help this longing to be part of life.

Rage and rant but no one hears their plaintive cries for help;
Sunlight comes and they are gone without a trace, and so they
Are without a voice, if we decide they are but shadows, and no more
Than we decree, and that’s a fact, helpless, and devoid of power.

Friday Night and we are here? Redux

It’s just a thought that crossed my mind
What are we doing for mankind?
We’re blogging here on Friday night
When humanity is in such plight.

Could there be new paths to seek
If we, as folk were not so weak?
Charity begins at home
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No Hockey Today
1970’s KGH

Across the sports-hall floor
in aertex blue shirts
short, navy gym-skirts
and sugar bag pants
all girls together,  we dance.

We change from Scottish Reel and dozy doe
to Waltzing and quick- quick- slow
us tall girls reluctant as men
holding our partner just ‘so’
giggling and treading on their toes.

Pull yourselves together, girls, says Mrs G
or it’s hockey on the top field-
the snow won’t bother me.