Alternative Nursery Rhymes

A few alternative nursery rhymes for Janus… but written a while back , so probably don’t count for the competition!


There was a crooked man,
who walked a crooked mile,
he found a crooked pound coin,
upon a crooked stile,

he bought a crooked lotto ticket,
and won a crooked prize,
and went abroad to sunny Spain,
which was very, very wise. Continue reading “Alternative Nursery Rhymes”

October Short Story Competition: Pandemic

Science News: Pandemic, exclusive interview.

Unlike the 2009/2010 ‘Swine Flu’ epidemic which was long predicted, over-hyped and claimed many months of media attention, the virus that mutated abruptly into a potential worldwide killer in December 2010 was almost completely unpredicted and until now not reported. Experts we consulted with these newly disclosed facts about the ‘Measles Mutation’ estimate that this virus had the potential to wipe out 75 -80% of the population worldwide. Continue reading “October Short Story Competition: Pandemic”


With one child at the start of GCSE courses and the other setting out on the way to A levels, with only one half term’s worth under their belts so far, we are fully aware that there will be a fair amount of homework set, and that some of this will be ‘holiday homework’. Continue reading “Procrastination”

Short story for Bilby’s Competition: My Sister’s Lover

My sister’s lover

The snow is thick on the ground. Four or five inches of it have built up around the window frames. It is piled up on top of the car and over the roofs, lit up by the sulphurous yellow of the street lamps. It gives me an excited child like feeling in the base of my belly. Ellen and I used to love playing in the snow, but there weren’t many years in our lives with enough snow to play in properly. Continue reading “Short story for Bilby’s Competition: My Sister’s Lover”

Grout Expectations

There’s a leak coming from the room above into the dining room.
The plumber says it’s the grouting in the shower that’s at fault.
The tiler can’t come yet as he’s so busy.
The builder says the tricky bit it getting the old grout out. Continue reading “Grout Expectations”