Four and twenty MPs..

Sing-a-song-a ten quid, a pocket full of change,

Four and twenty MPs decided to be strange,

‘Open and more honest’

Is all they had to say

What a sadly state it is, the rest don’t want to play!

Cameron in his wisdom, wants rid of policies,

Members of the public, worn down to their knees

The power and corruption….

Really can’t get any worse,

Bar four and twenty MPs, they’re all a bloody curse.

(I’ll get me coat)….!!!!

Alternative Nursery Rhymes

A few alternative nursery rhymes for Janus… but written a while back , so probably don’t count for the competition!


There was a crooked man,
who walked a crooked mile,
he found a crooked pound coin,
upon a crooked stile,

he bought a crooked lotto ticket,
and won a crooked prize,
and went abroad to sunny Spain,
which was very, very wise. Continue reading “Alternative Nursery Rhymes”

Fawkes Hunting (Bearsy poetry comp etc.)

Originally to be found buried in the monolithic thread. Now fully deserving a place of its own.  A William Hague ditty about old Guido.

Beware the tales you tell backfire on you
Trails of entrails snaking the milieu
Causing untold harm to each and everyone
Repent! Repent! Unlearn to loose your tongue
Curb those barb’d blurbles that gush frequently
Vandalising lifestyle ways snarlingly
Slaughter you’ve wrought blood red under sky blue
Scales we call justice are swinging for you

You can run and you can hide like a fox
We’ll claw your dial as sure as ticking clock
The bles’d poets down here write nothing at all
The pen fell’d dead violently on the wall
Clemency for your effigy. No luck
We’ll dance on your grave with lighted fireworks