Ballad of Brave Monty Mouse: Part Three

Part Three: Strangers from afar

One sunny day in early spring
Monty heard his mobile ring.
Half asleep and still abed,
He answered, and a small voice said:

“Have you room for any more?
They’ve just arrived and very poor.
They came ashore not long ago;
They seem quite lost and spirits low:    

They stowed away, and truth to tell,
Their life before was likely hell.
From foreign parts where just one squeak
Could be the end, for rodents meek.”

So here they came to seek some aid,
Mekka Mouse and his fair maid.
Medina was her name it seemed,
Behind her veil, her eyes, they beamed.

Monty was the perfect host,
He offered tea and cheese on toast.
He viewed the couple, dark brown fur,
Mekka, dark and lots of hair,
Medina, small and more demure
Hesitant and quite unsure.

Clad in sacks from head to toe,
She barely spoke but bowed quite low
She seemed unsure of how to act,
And Mekka was the boss, in fact.

A few months on and still yet they stayed
To Monty, progress had been made,
Medina bloomed and shed her sack;
Her hair was wavy, shiny black.

Mekka spent some time in prayer
But that was neither here nor there.
He pulled his weight and joined the rest:
An asset to this cosy nest.

If you are unfamiliar with Monty, then you can read /catch up here.

50 thoughts on “Ballad of Brave Monty Mouse: Part Three”

  1. I always carry out my threats, Bearsy, but thank you, I have been meaning to continue the dreaded Monty Saga for months! 😉

  2. Evenin’ Araminta – Good pome and tale. I hope we don’t have to wait months for Part 4.


  3. I left a comment on your page too. The rhythms remind me of hymns. Did you sing a lot of them? They are also quite ruthless with their rhyming.
    If you are reading this Bearsy, could you answer my email please, and then maybe I can find out why I have disappeared from the authors list here. And where’s the blogroll gone?
    Not my best birthday present!

  4. Hello Oz: there does seem to be quite a long break between episodes, but most count this as a blessing.

    I only resort to publishing Monty Mouse as a threat, although, I so feel this episode could do with a follow up. 🙂

  5. Bearsy: your wonderful comment # 9; OK you win; I won’t do it again!

    Well, maybe just one more episode; your comment was worth the effort. Masterly, my dear! 🙂

  6. Isobel: in answer to your question about hymns; yes, I was in the school choir for years, and I still remember most of the words.

    A very Happy Birthday to you, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Araminta xx

  7. Nice poem. Sentimental claptrap, of course, but nice poem.

    Never mind that Monty, Meeka and Medina are conspiring to commit a crime, in the real world:

    Stanimira was nineteen and lived in the dreary, desperately poor city of Chisinau in Moldova. Although capable of going to University, when she learned through a friend of an opportunity to earn around 1,500 US dollars a month as a shop assistant in the UK, and knowing that 25% or so of recent graduates in her country were unemployed, she decided to postpone entry to University and take the oportunity to earn some rea, in Moldovan terms, money and signed up with an employment agency. In due course she was contacted, offered employment and turned up at the employment agency at the appointed time, where she was given a seat in a tarpaulin-sheeted lorry with a number of other similarly-aged women. To cut a long story short, she eventually arrived at a building in a city in the North of England in a locked van with a group of other young women. Tired, hungry, thirsty and dirty, she did notice that the windows on the building they were ushered into were all barred. She was asked for her passport, ‘for adminstration,’ then given a meal and shown to a room with a couple of beds covered with a dirty duvet. The next morning she was informed that she would not be working as a shop-assistant, but as a prostitute. When she refused, she was beaten by three burly men, Belchev, Krassi and ‘Blackie,’ who then took turns to rape her.

    When the Police finally raided the building almost a year later, nearly forty women were rescued, all of whom had been beaten and raped by Belchev and his henchmen, and all of whom were sex slaves forced to earn a minmum of 3,000 dollars a month turning tricks – not seeing any of the money themselves, you understand.

    Why is this relevant? Because Belchev and his ilk are the same people who, along with enslaving, and, in, some cases, murdering young women, traffic in illegal immigrants, drugs, tobacco, arms and counterfeit and smuggled goods of all descriptions.

    I would point out that, if any of you reading this attempt to leave these shores without a legal travel document, you commit an offence. Similarly, entering the country without properly authorised permits is an offence. One law for all, remember?

    When you write the next installment, keep Stanimira and Belchev in mind – try putting yourself in Stanimira’s shoes – and remember what you are condoning; beatings, rape, murder and corruption.

    Nice poem.

  8. I should have acknowledged that Stanimira’s story is quoted from ‘McMafia,’ by Misha Glenny, with a little amendment by me – since I am working in that World at the moment. Stanimira and the rest are, however, real people – as was Karen Reed, murdered by a Chechen hit man in the doorway of her house in Woking. It was a mistake. Such are the ways in which the real World can reach out and destroy cosy platitudes.

    My next job, fingers crossed, takes me away from the corporate office and back into working against these bullies and thugs. I’m getting too old for this shit.

  9. [Sentence deleted. Defamatory as defined here – BASM]

    The poem is excellent and shows what is happening more often than not with the integration of Muslims into western Europe. They are working and contributing to our countries and sending a message back home that the freedom of the West is worth struggling for. For every rabid cleric trying to pervert our populations there are thousands of people back home inspired by the West and seeking to undermiune the rigours of dictatorial Mullahs.
    The problem in Britain is not with the thugs but with a collapse in law enforcement which has been detrimental to all Europe, more through white collar crime than the other species.

  10. Thank you, Bravo, I’m pleased you enjoyed the poem.

    Now you are making some assumptions for which you are forgiven; the task of explaining the process of applying for asylum in rhyme was quite beyond me!

    It’s early days for the Mouse community and we don’t know yet how it all works out, but the two newcomers seem to have the right attitude.

    Yes you are quite right to present the other side of the story, but just a few thoughts;

    “When you write the next installment, keep Stanimira and Belchev in mind – try putting yourself in Stanimira’s shoes – and remember what you are condoning; beatings, rape, murder and corruption.”

    No,  this is a complete over-reaction, and more worthy of the purveyors of dogma and nonsense published with monotonous regularity elsewhere. Yes of course you are right to point this out, and no one is denying that these horrors exist. They should be fought, as should any abuses of this kind to women worldwide.

    To present the other side of the coin, a scenario in which genuine asylum seekers of whatever religion who choose to integrate with the inhabitants of the host country, is not condoning the abuses you describe.  It is called balance.

    But remember, Bravo; this is a poem, a fictional world, and should be taken as such.

  11. My thanks for your comment, Madeoforleans.

    I agree with your view, although not the reasoning in your last sentence. It is a little more complex than that I feel.

  12. Araminta,

    They stowed away, and truth to tell,

    They committed a crime. There is no dogma in what I wrote and labelling it aas such is a cop-out. Consider. Population of Bulgaria, 7 million give or take, Bangladesh, 156 million, Somalia, 10 million, Darfur 6 million. What gives an illegal immigrant greater rights than 189 million (+ all the other millions who live in shit-holes of one kind or another) greater rights than all of these people just because he commits a crime?

    Further, who do you think fleeces these people, abuses them, puts their families, in many cases into debt and, often, exploits them when they get to where they’re going? Belchev and his ilk, that’s who.

    This is warm and fuzzy fantasy:

    Hosted by

    This is the harsh reality:

    Hosted by

    By keeping the tap open at the end of the pipeline – that is, not treating illegal immigrants as the criminals they are, but instead giving them all the handouts that should be reserved for legal residents and immigrants, the money is kept flowing to Belchev and those like him. Nothing is contributed to dealing with the root cause of oppression and abuse.

  13. Oh dear.

    Bravo: more assumptions!

    Now firstly, perhaps you would read Bearsy’s comment #18?
    Secondly, there is a tag attached to this post, one called “humour”.

  14. Bearsy :

    I’ve lost interest. Catch you all later.

    So have I, Bearsy.

    Bravo, it’s a poem for goodness sake! If you want to make your point, then I suggest you write a post of your own on the subject. I’m rapidly losing the will to live; did Swift have these sort of problems? 😉

  15. What assumption? ‘They stowed away?’ Was that perhaps meant to imply that they travelled legally?
    Bearsy’s comment #18 seems to have disappeared again. I find nothing humorous at all in the whole dirty mess of illigal immigration and it’s consequences. Spinning lightweight, sugary little confections about illegally entering the country… well, when you bite through the crust you find that the contents are rancid beyond belief.

  16. Brendano :

    Bravo, your claim that Araminta’s poem condones beatings, rape, murder and corruption must lead one to doubt your sanity.

    Not a helpful comment Brendano, just another excuse to carry on your vendetta against Bravo22c.

  17. Hi Brendano: Phew, am I pleased to see you! One can read all sorts of things into poetry, I must admit, but this is all getting completely hysterical.

    Bravo: if you are truly upset by my poem, I’ll attempt to rewrite the offending line and make them legal immigrants. Would this help?

    And consider this; perhaps this is a bygone time, when we, as a nation welcomed the persecuted, and in my opinion quite rightly so. There are some in this country, for example, the Jews who fled the horrors of Nazi Germany.

  18. Araminta we’re full of them.

    How does an oppressed Zimbabwean, Somali or Congolese go about getting official travel documents? To be honest we’re full yet still they come. Our Gov try and help but it’s woefully inadequate.

    One could say the same about Iraqis, Afghans and Mexicans.

    It happens, I wish that it didn’t but it does.

    Bravo’s example does well to show the horrors of what could happen but to suggest that you either condone or take the issue lightly is ridiculous.

    Leave the poem as it is, I’m no fan of illegal immigration or Asylum seekers, it happens we do the best we can to limit the damage.

  19. Many thanks, Soutie:

    I acknowledged the validity of Bravo’s example in my response to him.

    Yes, it does happen and these days it puts a tremendous strain on the resources of the host country; especially in times of economic recession.

  20. Brendano I see you have come out of hiding after yesterday’s defeat. The way we destroyed your scrum was amazing. What are your predictions for this pm?

  21. Let’s get a bit of perspective: and thereby probably offend everyone!

    The pome (and I’m sure Araminta will not mind if I don’t call it ‘poetry’) is a piece to amuse, with an idealised outcome – and possibly true in some cases. Mekka and Medina seem to have made their own way as illegal immigrants / asylum seekers – the pome does not specify. They make ‘good’, integrate and walk off, hand in hand, into a (cloudy) Thames sunset …

    Bravo’s scenario is the harsh reality of what happens when people, especially young women, get involved with people smugglers. I understand why he is trying to show that reality. That is the more frequent outcome, with young women, raped, bruised, and in despair.

    The two scenarios are not mutually exclusive. But, I fear, that all too often that people concentrate solely on one or the other.

  22. Thanks Boadicea.

    No, I am not offended at all by your description. I agree with your comment; the two scenarios are not mutually exclusive.

    But it is early days, as I said to Bravo, for Mekka and Medina and the indigenous Mice, so who knows if the ending will be happy? Watch this space! 😉

  23. Boadicea, if Bravo wished to show that harsh reality, this post was not the place to do it. He owes Araminta an apology for his truly bizarre assertion that the poem condones rape and murder.

  24. Brendano :

    The poem does not involve people smugglers.

    You do have a point, Brendano. The scope of my pome was more to do with the attitudes of host country, immigrants, and integration. People smuggling though related, was not; hence my suggestion that it should be the subject of another post.

  25. PS: I would also add, that I agree with Bravo; I would not consider people smuggling to be a suitable topic for what was intended to be a humorous pome.

  26. Somehow I kind of regret everyone coming out of the woodwork, as Bravos response to this innocent poem upset me and I turned the laptop off.
    Bravo, and I say this with all due respect;
    you seem to concentrate on all the really bad and disgusting things and events that happen in the realm of human behaviour. These things do happen, but most of us try to look on the positive side of life, for that is the only way forward for mankind and society.
    Your response to this poem is totaly uncalled for, worthy of a propaganda piece to ignite a response that serves a certain purpose.
    You say you work in intelligence. Still, most of your blogs condemn certain people, mainly Muslims, and try to show up their evil ways.
    Get yourself a contract that explores and fights the real enemy of the west, in the making, but very successful especially in your type of business, and report on that.
    But don’t rob us of our positivity and dreams, as these are what made the world the place we live in, and cherish.
    – is nothing without +.

  27. I will post this here as well as on Brendano’s post: not because it will disappear, because I have every confidence it will not.

    Back now, Brendano.
    Firstly, thank you for your support.
    I agree that Bravo’s reaction was disproportionate.
    I remember the incident to which you refer, but I have chosen not to bring it up. I prefer to move on.
    I also agree that Bravo’s response did by inference include those who chose to regard my pome as a piece of harmless entertainment, but his accusation was directed at me.
    I did not delete his comments, and acknowledged the validity of his stance.
    I acknowledged that it may have been a sensitive issue and suggested he addressed it on his own post. He did so.
    I have no wish to take this issue further, and chose not to comment on Bravo’s post, which is well researched. My only comment, which I will place here, is a frank disbelief that Bravo feels we are unaware of the issue or the obscenity of the whole business of human trafficking. Despite his insistence, it was not the subject of my poem.
    Many of the other comments on my post, which Bravo has chosen to ignore, supported your view and mine.
    Finally, I doubt that an apology will be forthcoming; I did not feel there was any point in asking for one.

  28. Brendano,

    I have resisted the urge to reply to your comment to see how the rest of your day would pan out. Well, I have done that and site members can now see for themselves!

    I really don’t know who you think you are? You are not some freaking, to quote Bearsy, ”moral arbiter of post or site content” You may think that you know who I am but Bearsy knows exactly who I am and that should be enough for you! That you have the cheek to refer to me as a Troll is laughable in the extreeme given your past history on MyT. I think that you were actually deleted for personal abuse there?

    I have to admit, when you succumbed to the artyfarty girls here who asked you to join this site, I had serious thoughts of leaving! You were a serious troublemaker on MyT for three years, who could dish it out but not take it in return. You have adopted exactly the same persona here. You seem to think that is perfectly alright to personally insult other site members with your comments and feel aggrieved when you get the same and are deleted. You are indeed a ‘troublemaker’ and always will be.

    Now, the author of this post is one of your few supporters. Should this comment be deleted, I will do a ‘Brendano’ and counter post!

    Have a nice day!

    P.S. Please don’t use my name in your self serving posts.

  29. Well, Toc, it was not deleted, despite your “artyfarty girls” reference. The author of this post hopes you appreciated my tolerance.

  30. Araminta :

    Well, Toc, it was not deleted, despite your “artyfarty girls” reference. The author of this post hopes you appreciated my tolerance.

    Of course I do Araminta. It is all rather academic now though wouldn’t you think? I’m rather pleased that you didn’t bother to delete Brendano’s rant against me either. Both served a purpose I guess?

  31. And I may in time forget your support of possibly one of the most disruptive bloggers on MyT or here. 🙂

  32. Whatever Araminta. I knew you a long time before you actually started to support him. I gave you my support on many occasions as well. Things change over the years, such is life. I really think that my Arty Farty gibe is not really in the same league as the abuse he heaped upon Bearsy and Boa and others here in particular and elsewhere.? What say you?

  33. OK, Toc: and this is my final word on the subject. I have neither the time nor the inclination to continue this further, and I have several times indicated my heartfelt wish to draw a line.

    Because it is you, and because I consider you a friend, and have always done so, I will try to explain.

    Firstly agreed, your “artfarty” gibe is not in the same league, and I chose to respond to this. Your comment #47 was addressed to Brendano, and I did not feel it needed any response from me. I did actually end my comment with a “wink”, by the way!

    I dislike personal attacks, rudeness and constant never-ending feuds. I do my best to avoid them, but not always entirely successfully, it would appear. I particularly dislike the aforementioned when it involves people I like. I also believe that it is better to move on from incidents of this kind, deletions and etc. We all have different views about others and this should be taken into account.

    My support of Brendano consisted of thanking him for his support on the matter of the Monty Mouse fiasco, and expressing my regret on his departure, as did others. My support of Bearsy, Boadicea and this site has not been questioned by either Boadicea or Bearsy, and they are aware of my opinions, as I am of theirs, on the subject of how we feel about Brendano. We have, I believe, agreed to disagree, but I’m sure they will correct me if I am wrong.

    Now, Toc, could we please move on?

  34. Bravo22 – You comment on this post is the biggest load of bollocks I ever read, will you ever tire of whinging, whining and moaning or are you making a profession out of it?
    Poor Minty writes a poem an you turn it into a real life situation, what? do you think those types of things happen nowhere else? 😦

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