Whoops, for Claire!


Fiends and countrymen, lend me yours ears!
I’ll cut them off and try to make a purse of silk, but not of gold
When they themselves are totally blind to all that’s good.

Children at heart, their howls grow louder as they screech.
We do not hear;  they do not exist except in their deluded minds:
Have pity for they cannot help this longing to be part of life.

Rage and rant but no one hears their plaintive cries for help;
Sunlight comes and they are gone without a trace, and so they
Are without a voice, if we decide they are but shadows, and no more
Than we decree, and that’s a fact, helpless, and devoid of power.

21 thoughts on “Whoops, for Claire!”

  1. Ara; excellent! But re my poem; it came; it went; it disappeared into the ether f MyT! Ne’er mind; i have reposted the Ode to Spamanta and just started a fight on there before bedtime. Oh Well. 😉

  2. I am being stalked by a rug man now on MyT. Seriously. And so lovers to bed; tis almost fairytime 😉

  3. Stalked by a rug man? A carpet bagger, mayhap?

    Thing is, is it a good rug or one of those that flap in a bit of a wind….?

  4. Arrers, can I suggest you recast the line: “We do not hear and they do not exist except in their deluded minds”? The staccato middle section jars and spoils the flow of the piece. I would also make it a consistently 10, 12 or 14 syllable ‘sonnet’ but that’s just me.

  5. Gone, all gone; Samanta repost and the Ode against trolls! Strange how they let the spam and the abusive stuff stand, and zap my harmless poems. I think the rug doctor was to blame. Sob…
    Tocino; nothing else for it; I shall contemplate my navel. And lick my wounds. 😉

  6. Ara; btw I like this as it is. DId you come up with it just like that?!
    Will not get chance to answer before tonight now.

  7. Claire: tempted though I am to say I dashed it off, “just like that”, it was one I prepared earlier; many months earlier!

  8. Araminta, you could replace the ‘and’ with a semicolon. Just a thought.

    Good poem.

  9. Thank you, Brendano: your suggestion sounds a very easy solution, which appeals greatly. I’m not good at re-visiting my old poems with an eye to improving them; which is extremely lazy of me, I admit.

    I certainly have no objections at all to constructive criticism; I’m of the opinion I need all the help I can get! 🙂


  10. I like your attitude, Araminta. 🙂

    I haven’t written any new poems lately; may post the odd old one here (‘odd’ being the operative word in some cases).

  11. I haven’t written anything “creative” for ages either, Brendano and I’m not a professional poet. I know my limitations, but I did enjoy writing them. I must have another bash at it; time and muse permitting.

  12. I’ve said it before…we should get the creative writing sorted on here before Mother Ship goes belly up, big time.
    So I reckon you post your poems and stories, Brendano and Ara; go on, you know you want to 😉

  13. I must go down to the beach again, the sea and the restless sky
    I left my socks and knickers there, I wonder if their dry?

    With many apologies to you know who, I’ve forgotten who but you may know who.

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