Friday Night and we are here? Redux

It’s just a thought that crossed my mind
What are we doing for mankind?
We’re blogging here on Friday night
When humanity is in such plight.

Could there be new paths to seek
If we, as folk were not so weak?
Charity begins at home
Could you not compose a pome?

Or go out clubbing dressed to kill
All tarted up and out to thrill
Get off your arse and head for town
Maybe just the Rose and Crown?

No work tomorrow have a rest
Tomorrow laze, or do what’s best.
For you alone can tell
The world outside to go to hell!

42 thoughts on “Friday Night and we are here? Redux”

  1. Ara; I know, sad or what! Excellent; this should be the ballad of Friday night on here…I particularly like the bit about getting tarted up…just my area of hexpertise, as it ‘appens ; )
    But in defence of blogging, it has weaned me off my serial addiction to Corrie, which now seems like one long extended episode of Harry Hill’s TV burp ; )

  2. Thank you, Claire: yes, I used to go out on Friday nights, and occasionally do. I haven’t got tarted up for at least a week! 🙂

  3. Ara; you must! I love getting tarted up…I’m so vain I even do it to put the bins out. Smiley thing with lipgloss on ; )

  4. Or click away on Friday night
    as you enjoy young bearsey’s site
    with drink in hand and thoughts like Pinter
    lets raise a glass to Araminta.

  5. OMG: hey, brilliant, and cheers!

    How can a person just write so well
    My poetry is all to hell.
    But since it matters not at all,
    It’s Friday, and goodwill to all.

  6. Ara; 33 next month. Tick tock as they say in Bridget JOnes. But I’d still be addicted to lippy even if I were 93…; )

  7. Pick up the pen and let it go
    your thoughts will soon begin to flow
    but if the bottle starts to empty
    go get another, oh no, don’t tempt me!

  8. Ara; I always feel like the colt, or the dolt, maybe, on this site. Probably why I’m so suited to the childish spats on myT ; )

  9. OMG: you really are good at this lark!

    Keyboard skill are fine I’m sure,
    But add the thought of wanting more;
    Inspiration from a glass,
    Could make a poet quite an.. er donkey!

  10. You are not so dusty yourself Araminta.

    It’s getting late, we are into the night
    and I have one more chapter to write
    So I’ll say farewell and fond adieu
    I’ll hand the next stanza…over to you.

  11. OMG:

    My thanks to you for taking part,
    A chap who really has a heart.
    Farewell and thanks to you, dear friend,
    Most happy weekend greetings wend,
    To you and all your kith and kin,
    An extra drink is not a sin.

  12. Well, in vino veritas…

    Here we are on Friday night,
    Blogging away on this loverly site,
    I’m done with painting the town bright red
    And wearing my knickers over my head!

  13. ON a more realistic note

    Friday night; whahey, yipee!
    No more work tomorrow for me…
    But cleaning, wiping, and housework are fine…
    As long as I can indulge with a w(h)ine!

  14. It’s all a passing thing you know,
    These little brats just seem to grow.
    Before ere long they leave the nest
    And then you just deserve a rest.

    Make the most of it, Claire, you will miss them!

  15. Well now the days are getting bright
    My kids are up at the first light
    But I can strive to stay awake
    As long as someone gives me a break! ; )

    I’m just a whinger at heart, ya know!

  16. So was I when my children were little. It’s seriously hard work; as is producing bad pomes, but it’s Friday so you have to forgive me! 🙂

  17. No, you’ll have to forgive me for being such a whinger, Ara! I think it’s harder to produce little ditties like this than to write stories!
    This site is much better than the old one now. What’s this flag business that you were all on about?

  18. Ah flags counter. It was on the bottom right hand side of the page. See Beary’s post, he has explained that it is nothing to worry about.

  19. Ara; nope – still can’t seem to find! What was that about me being a dolt again..? ; )

  20. No, it was there, Claire and Bearsy removed it! You are not being a dolt. As I said on the other post, it was not a problem. Bearsy put in on the site to see where the visitors and posters were roughly located.

  21. But I’m a good girl, I am! Well, I did talk a lil bit dirty…but no more so than anyone else! I am traumatised (;

  22. No, unlikely, re Cymbeline: she leaves of her own accord. She asks for her account to be deleted and has a break. She will hopefully be back.

  23. Ara; Panic over…just my comments being zapped. I copied all the short stories and poetry posts. Then grovelled,down on my knees with sackcloth and ashes, on front page… nothing new there then.; )

  24. Well I have been out singing! And we got a v good reception. Thoroughly enjoyed it and even waived my Lenten goodbye to alcohol and had a glass of Shiraz afterwards with my fan, as those of the audience who came because of one particular choir member were called. Now home and slowly winding down.
    Sooooooooooo disappointed no one has posted a comment on my page for days. What do I have to do? Pay you?

  25. Oh Isobel; Was just thking about you today. We almost need reminders, you know, because if not, you forget about people’s excellent blogs…will take a look honey.
    Why not double blog, so to speak, and post there and here?
    How was Judas Mc? x

  26. Claire: Because this is here and there is there. i come here for a chat, a few ideas, to be among some virtual friends and some people I don’t know. There is where I write, if I write at all. And writing was what brought me to blogging.
    I was also thinking about you. what happened with the value added?
    JM was fab.A couple of dodgy moments, like when nearly all of us sat down when only the sopranos were to be out of action, and when our choir mistress cued us altos to come in when it was the tenors…
    But we did it, it felt great and the soprano soloist had a glorious voice and a little daughter called Isobel, my spelling, so obviously a good sort.

  27. Isobel: hi…I know what you mean. I’ve done virtually zilch writing since spending time on here. I think if I want to get any writing done, I will have to cut internet or something…
    Ah, well with work; it’s all over the place…I worked out the Value added stuff (plus 4) and bunged in the applications. Now my boss is saying he might want to keep me after all.
    Ever felt like you were caught in a game of cat and mouse?
    Fine stuff; JM. I once sang in a performance of Berloiz and Faure’s Requiem at the Liverpool Phil. Half the altos were blottoed on the port we were swigging beforehand. And the tenors got the hump because the soloist from the Berlioz joined them for the Faure…
    Why not do a blog about your concert? ; )

  28. Hi Isobel: well, we have had a good time with Seriously Bad Doggerel, but your evening sounds rather more interesting.

    Re your page: agh, how much are you prepared to pay? Only joking, will get round to it for free.

  29. Claire, blog on Judas Maccabaeus now on my site. Your wish etc. I am guilty of serious procrastination today, so must get down and do and hour’s work, but will pop back later I’m sure.

    Tell me when you are ready to commence bartering Araminta.

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