Thought for the day!

So fair is Square and what’s her sin?
That Queen is also in the bin.
The dreaded Minotaur is out,
The rules they set, they now just flout.

I know I’m but a little voice,
But now we have a dreadful choice:
Do we take this and subside,
Or maybe fight and side by side.
We’ll make these fools eat humble pie

I say fight and do or die. Naught to lose
But lots to gain, and that is surely worth the pain.
A flood of prose could do the trick,
But poetry is much more slick

A round of verse is  what we need
Together we will all succeed.
In showing them we are a force
We will  defeat them in due course.

Whoever they are!

17 thoughts on “Thought for the day!”

  1. Who are these demons we must fight
    As they appease each other to feel right
    Are we the modern Theseus ?
    To slain the buggers, no excuse ?
    For justice, love and peace are to prevail
    We must tell them without fail
    That war is something we don’t do
    And for us hiding is taboo!

    But then one always has to see
    That more important matters are to be
    And fighting rigid causes has no meaning
    For Love and understanding is succeeding

    And as the Zen master would say
    Peel the potatoes, come what may !

  2. OK Minty MBE,

    What did I miss?

    Has SquarePeg been deleted?

    Queen? Minotaur?

    I’m only a small furry mammal and not good with all these subtlties

  3. Morning Furry: no, this was written ages ago. SP had several of her excellent posts deleted for no apparent reason, as did others. I think it was either an excess of zeal on the part of the moderators or yet another blip! Boadicea’s account was suspended too, but thankfully re-instated.

  4. Relieved to hear it, Claire! You had me worried.

    Hello, Rainer: yes, you are quite right, and beautifully put! Peace and understanding attack is due shortly; don’t worry, I’m too busy for pointless wars.

  5. Morning Bearsy: actually, I’ve forgotten who the Minotaur is supposed to represent, so now I’m feeling slightly confused too!

  6. Oh, it was the appearance of our friend, Hellion when Claire and I were paying a short visit to the Dark Side yesterday evening.

  7. Ah Right Ho,

    I see her account is suspended again.

    If I could be bothered I would do a series on her, but to be honest she just isn’t worth it. Katz, now there was an artist, she had style and could take as good as she got with grace. Hellion is just council trash.

    If I were you guys I would give her the same consideration as a mildly annoying midge.

  8. Hellion is a can short of a six-pack. Deservous of our pity and compassion, if we can summon sufficient magnanimity. 😈

  9. We can certainly try, Bearsy, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll do as the Furry One suggests; midges can be ignored! 😉

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