Council House Blues- The Ballad of Sharon and Kev

Council House Blues- The Ballad of Sharon and Kev

Sharon’s Dad was full of rage,
In the Club at your young age!
Her Mum was worse: “You stupid mare,
Do you think we bleeding care?”

She did calm down at last to gloat
As Sharon rushed to grab her coat:
“You’ll gain more points and good thing too,
The council will provide for you.”

We knew you’d end up turning bad
You gone and done it; you’ve been had!
Mum’s arms were crossed, her colour high;
Sharon stopped, began to cry.

A memory: a distant dream,
A kiss, a warmth, her eyes agleam,
She loved them and she knew full well
They did their best; despite the hell.

She turned and held her head up high,
“We’re getting married, Mum don’t cry!
You always said just do your best
This really is a crucial test.”

You’ve never been there, don’t I know!
But this is me; I love him so.
I’m happy now, but truth to say,
I doubt this news will make your day.

We both have jobs, we’ve saved our pay,
We have a house and named the day.
You are both welcome if you choose
Just please for once lay off the booze!

I know you did your best for me,
But for this child, you two should see,
I want the earth, and Kev will fight
To do what we both think is right.

4 thoughts on “Council House Blues- The Ballad of Sharon and Kev”

  1. Harrumph! Another limbo dancer, albeit very talented, shimmies under the pole with only three hours to go. 🙂


  2. Au contraire, Araminta, it’s a really classy pome, but may the best wolf win. 😉


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