If you want to talk to me, pull up a chair and sit down

Sunday best
Sunday best

Hi, my name is Kojo and some of you will remember me. I have just turned 6 and this picture was taken yesterday. I’m wearing a chief’s cloth which says “If you want to talk to me, take a seat and sit down”. Well that’s what my mum says. She says its because the cloth has this red pattern which is the chair design used by African chieftains. Fine by me. My mum’s national language is “Twi” which is Ghanaian but I defy anyone to try and pronounce the word “Twi”. It is more like “chree” with more “sh” than “ch”. All I know is that dad can’t pronounce it – sounds like he is shredding celery between his teeth.

Anyway, what would you like to talk about? I’m like my mum, got an answer for everything. Dad calls mum “The Church of Janet” as she is always pronouncing some kind of judgment or has a view or opinion on everything. She even came up with a number system for winning the lottery. Well she came up with this last week. She used the system last Saturday. I’ll tell you what it is …. it’s numbers 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, and 40. She says the reason is that she can imagine counting the lottery winnings in these combinations. Well that makes sense to me, if you can visualise something then it can happen. Makes sense to be counting your winnings in tens and twenties and why go for all these obscure numbers like birthdates?

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Citius, Altius, Fortius (Take Two)

As bells ring out unto the world
And fires are lit and flags unfurl
The Gods in heaven lean back and roll the dice
To see who’ll win and who will lose,
As sparks ignite the Olympic fuse;
Each man, each woman taking part,
Linked by molten rings in unison do cry
“Faster, higher, stronger – we can but try.”
They stride the track and kingly turf
Each in pursuit of their own true worth
And not for money or stately prize
But in selfless sacrifice.

Citius, Altius, Fortius,

JM – I have been struggling here this morning but will settle for this.

As bells ring out into the world
And fires are lit and flags unfurl
So God in heaven leans back and rolls the dice
To see who wins and who will lose,
As heroes spark the Olympic fuse;
Each man, each woman taking part,
Linked by sporting rings and crying
“Faster, higher, stronger” – it is their noble art.
They stride the track and golden turf
Not for money or kingly prize
But in selfless sacrifice,
Each discovering their own true worth.

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(Done ;))

Worlds Apart

There was orange peel all along the mantelpiece. Not so much ‘S’-shaped orange peel, more ‘C’ shape as if Auntie hadn’t the strength to peel a whole orange in one strip. Her hands were arthritic and she was in her eighties at that time, though still fairly tough and resourceful, making her own envelopes and birthday cards and chopping her own firewood. But the orange peel was something else. When we questioned her she said it was for the fire. I guess it was some kind of fuel. Besides the orange peel, there were two or three candles on the mantelpiece. Auntie didn’t like to waste electricity. In fact, auntie didn’t like to waste anything.

Her nephews would visit her two or three times a year and would usually find old food in the refrigerator, food long past its sell by date. Auntie used to treat her nephews to dinner and tea but that was before she began to get dementia.

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Cheers Bearsy!

Well mate. I’m not sure where you are right now but here’s wishing you and the Mrs a good day and hoping you can join me for a pint next time.

For your information Boadicea, this picture was taken in the Snug Bar at the Half Moon Hotel, Herne Hill, South London last Saturday. My dad met an old school friend and we did a pub crawl, ending up at Dulwich Village at the Crown and Greyhound. Earlier in the day Continue reading “Cheers Bearsy!”

Kojo with two friends

New chums

I have put a picture on Ara’s photography competition post on my son’s holiday in Ghana. But for those that have not seen that one then I put another here. Kojo has been away two months now, with his mother, and is due back in the UK next week. He has had a great time. He is outside the house most of the day, playing with other kids, with a ball or a hoop, chasing chickens and counting stars. (I am told the girls are chasing him!)

I shall re-create a mini Christmas day, on the day of his arrival back home; loads of prezzies to open and a small tree to marvel at. You can be sure I have missed him and his mother.

Seven steps to heaven (Toast and marmalade)

As some may know I am an advocate of Sainsbury’s ‘Three Fruit’ marmalade, a combination of grapefruit, oranges and lemons. I actually prefer this to their Seville range of marmalade as the mixed fruit variety has more of a kick. Anyway, I tried it out on PapaGuinea Junior yesterday morning. Perhaps it takes years to acquire the taste of bitter marmalade and this trial no doubt was a stepping stone. Whether or not he realised this is seventh heaven is another thing but by the expression on his face at Step 7, I would say he was unsure.

Step 1. Examine toast

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