Cheers Bearsy!

Well mate. I’m not sure where you are right now but here’s wishing you and the Mrs a good day and hoping you can join me for a pint next time.

For your information Boadicea, this picture was taken in the Snug Bar at the Half Moon Hotel, Herne Hill, South London last Saturday. My dad met an old school friend and we did a pub crawl, ending up at Dulwich Village at the Crown and Greyhound. Earlier in the day we had attempted to have a de-luxe breakfast at the in vogue Lido in Brockwell Park. A lot of ya ya mums and dads and a big Q to find a table. I thought of you Bearsy and said “stuff that” so we went to the Commercial pub, Railton Road, to have full English Breakfast.

The commercial pub was often used by members of the London Welsh rugby team in the late sixties and early seventies. My dad remembers rubbing shoulders with the great Mervyn Davies. One whole wall was adorned with framed rugby shirts. Ah well, memory lane.

Very best wishes,

PapaGuinea Junior

3 thoughts on “Cheers Bearsy!”

  1. Ahh! Wadworth 6X , if ever you are trapped into going to visit Stonehenge (wot again?) drop by the Wadworth brewery in Devizes on the way, they will ease the burden with a a free pint.

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