Happiness is ….

rested vioin

A boiled egg on a Sunday morn

The flight of birds on a field of  corn

A trusting smile from a loving daughter

The splash and dance of running water.


A winning goal in extra time

A memory held in childhood rhyme

A pint of ale with a trusted friend

The touch of a loved one at one’s end.


A phrase  in a song with a magic chord,

The swish and thrust of Zorro’s sword

A painting where one can enter in –

A rested, silent  violin.

Resolution for the Royalist (Bar 5, Moonlight Sonata).

Well here we are at the conclusion of this little exercise – the opening bars of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, posted here to test the efficacy of the SOKOZY piano playing method (the notes of any particular tune portrayed in chronological sequence directly onto the piano keyboard. ) In this way, there is an immediate appreciation of the tune,

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Bar no. 5.
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, Bar no. 5.

The triplet movement of the opening four bars is resolved here by the tune homing in to the C sharp minor chord, 111, 123, the three ‘1’s on the far left being played with the little finger, index finger and thumb of the left hand, joined by the  ‘1’ furthest right, played with the thumb of the right hand. I  think that if anyone can sit at a piano and play these five bars then one is likely to draw a small crowd in the expectancy of a full rendition of the tune. That’s when you get up from the stool and say you are in a terrible hurry and you need to be on your way.  That is exactly what I did yesterday on a public piano at Herne Hill Railway Station, South London , though I did offer a jazzy version of “Blue Moon” before catching my train.

The Royalist has earlier mentioned the velocity of striking the notes, finding the left hand notes more dominant.  It is possible that effect is brought about simply by the left hand playing in octaves (the top and bottom notes of the scale).  But “touch” is indeed the most important part of a pianist’s box of tricks. On a decent piano a sensitive touch can be likened to gently pressing a grape – ha ha I’ve only  put that bit in for Janus!

I do hope those of you who have attempted to play this exercise have had some sense of accomplishment as well as enjoyment!


Moonlight Sonata – Bars 2 to 4.

Well I seem to have garnered a little interest here from cherished Charioteers and so I shall continue to demonstrate the SOKOZY piano playing method, allowing the Royalist to progress towards some musical resolution which comes in Bar no. 5 which I will post tomorrow.  (And that is where this present exercise will end unless of course further bars are requested or somebody commissions me to transcribe a favourite song.)

Bar number two is almost identical to bar 1, save the left hand (little finger and thumb) play two different notes from those notes played in bar no.1 see yesterdays post). Otherwise the principle is the same.  Remember to hold down the two left hand ‘1’s for the duration of the 123, 456, 789,10,11,12 sequence played in the right hand, as this gives pleasing harmonic resonance to the right hand part. (Are you listening, the Royalist and no metallic effects please.)

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata - Bar no. 2
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Bar no. 2

Bar 3 develops the theme with more movement and shape in the right hand. Shortsighted viewers will need to focus well.

Continue reading “Moonlight Sonata – Bars 2 to 4.”

Sokozy – NOT Suzuki

Following a request by the Royalist I am giving you all an opportunity to learn the opening few bars of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata through the revolutionary new piano playing method called ‘Sokozy’.  It is in fact so cosy that you only have to read (or memorise) the number sequence directly shown on the piano keys. (No more “lines and spaces” and no more squiggles and hieroglyphics.) The Moonlight Sonata is basically quite easy to transcribe in this way – for the most part the right hand is played by depressing single notes in triplet rotation.  For basic instruction see below.

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata -Barno. 1
Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – Bar no. 1

OK music lovers, here we go. Are you sitting comfortably?  The two ‘1’s on the left are played together with the left hand, using your  little finger and thumb. At the same time  as pressing the  two ‘1’ s on the left, you should depress the ‘1’ on the right with the thumb of your right hand.  After that you just continue pressing the number sequence 2 & 3, 4,5, & 6, 7, 8 & 9 and 10, 11, 12  (This triplet sequence in the right hand – 123, 456 etc – is best played using thumb, index finger and middle or 4th finger.)  It sounds a bit complicated in words but its dead easy just looking at the number sequence in the picture and just striking the numbers in ascending order. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Continue reading “Sokozy – NOT Suzuki”

Come Sailing By


This photo was taken by me two days ago in Balintore (near Dornoch) on the Cromarty Firth, Sutherland. Scotland.  I thought it was a nice combination of chimney, roof and sails though I took a few other shots of the passenger ship alone. My host had told me that the previous day he witnessed schools of basking sharks, with  huge dorsal fins and the fish as long as 20 feet and more.

I had been in Sutherland for a week and returned from Inverness yesterday by Easy jet. (Not so easy that when we landed at Gatwick, there was no immediate place for the plane to taxi to and when we were allocated a space there was no bus to take us to the terminal. A gruff and untidy man,  two seats away from me,  sat throughout the flight with his scruffy coat draped over his head. That’s Easy Jet for you!)

I may attempt a Low Wattage style format of post of the holiday with loads of landscape pictures.


Soutie I find I cannot post a comment at the moment. I click the button “Post Comment” but nothing happens. Do you know of any present glitch? Please delete this post once seen.

It’s not just you PapaG but all of us, let’s give the rocket scientists at WordPress an hour or two to sort out the problem

I too couldn’t comment, so thought I’d use your excellently timed post to notify you and others

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A Childhood Summer (Beyond the Rainbow)

haystack 2Somewhere deep in a meadow,
way back in time,
there’s a land I call summer,
safe in a childhood rhyme.

Somewhere deep in my mem’ry,
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that I dared to dream
Really did seem true.

Someday I’ll wish upon a star
And wake up on a haystack far
Behind me.
I’ll gaze up at the sky above
and know my time is bound in love –
That’s where you’ll find me.

Somewhere over the distant hill
I lie
E-ver safe in a summer’s love
In a time gone by.



I gave some Ghanaians the shock of their lives yesterday by offering to shake their hands. For some strange reason they reeled back in terror, screaming. Yea I am a bit of a joker. In fact, I am what I yam! PS I can play the piano too. Yam-yam blues is a favourite of mine!

(Janus, this is my 15 minutes worth.)


Magic is in the air …
Wow it’s a rabbit
white and twitching
pulled from a hat
well how bewitching
just like that
from a shiny black hat;
Abracadabra – blow me, a dove!
well Lord above
there’s five of ’em
and one large white glove,
five a flutter, winging high,
feathers floating from the sky,
birds in the waistcoat, birds up the sleeve,
It’s bloody magic
I believe.