Citius, Altius, Fortius (Take Two)

As bells ring out unto the world
And fires are lit and flags unfurl
The Gods in heaven lean back and roll the dice
To see who’ll win and who will lose,
As sparks ignite the Olympic fuse;
Each man, each woman taking part,
Linked by molten rings in unison do cry
“Faster, higher, stronger – we can but try.”
They stride the track and kingly turf
Each in pursuit of their own true worth
And not for money or stately prize
But in selfless sacrifice.

5 thoughts on “Citius, Altius, Fortius (Take Two)”

  1. JM – I just couldn’t sleep and had to get up and re-jig. (Yes, that is two entries!)
    Soutie – I tried to insert a link. May I have a short lesson please?

  2. Morning PapaG, here’s what I do-

    Open the post

    Highlight the address (url) of the post you want to link, right click and a command box appears, copy it

    I then go to the comment box where I want to insert the link, in the comment box I right click and this appears

    Click ‘paste’ and the comment box will simply show your link, like this

    You can practice right here on this post, in fact I’m going to follow the above right now 😉

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