Pronouncing “Crisps”

The daughter of one of my Ghanaian friends had a problem pronouncing the plural of the word “crisp”. She had no trouble saying, “the air is crisp this autumn morning” but had great difficulty in saying “May I have packet of crisps please?” Her problem was not knowing when to stop making the “sps” sound at the end of the word. It would have been easier for her to say “May I have a packet of cripps please?” (Cripps being plural and a crip being singular.) So she would in effect be saying “May I have a packet of crispspsps please.”  This used to annoy me because I suspected she was taking the pss. Curiously today, my wife (Ghanaian) said to me “Honey, would you like a packet of cripps?”.

(And thanks to Ara and Bilby for the technical knowhow!)