If you want to talk to me, pull up a chair and sit down

Sunday best
Sunday best

Hi, my name is Kojo and some of you will remember me. I have just turned 6 and this picture was taken yesterday. I’m wearing a chief’s cloth which says “If you want to talk to me, take a seat and sit down”. Well that’s what my mum says. She says its because the cloth has this red pattern which is the chair design used by African chieftains. Fine by me. My mum’s national language is “Twi” which is Ghanaian but I defy anyone to try and pronounce the word “Twi”. It is more like “chree” with more “sh” than “ch”. All I know is that dad can’t pronounce it – sounds like he is shredding celery between his teeth.

Anyway, what would you like to talk about? I’m like my mum, got an answer for everything. Dad calls mum “The Church of Janet” as she is always pronouncing some kind of judgment or has a view or opinion on everything. She even came up with a number system for winning the lottery. Well she came up with this last week. She used the system last Saturday. I’ll tell you what it is …. it’s numbers 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, and 40. She says the reason is that she can imagine counting the lottery winnings in these combinations. Well that makes sense to me, if you can visualise something then it can happen. Makes sense to be counting your winnings in tens and twenties and why go for all these obscure numbers like birthdates?

Dad is still playing music. He loves his piano. Plays hymns and songs and bits of blues. Last week I asked him to play Blue Moon whilst I lay across his lap supported by dad’s right arm. But I wanted him to sing it as well so he had to play the tune left handed only while he sang the words. Just basic really, but nice when I shut my eyes.

My dad always tells me whats going on in the world. Its half term this week so I expect he’ll take me out somewhere. I’m good at sport and love badminton. We also play snooker. We don’t actually have a snooker table but we play on the carpet with proper snooker balls. I know the scoring system and I know which colours go on which spots. I lay the balls out and I put pencils where the pockets would be. Oh yes I only use the front half of daddy’s cue!

Oh well that’s enough from me, I shall have to go now. I tell you something funny. When daddy is calling mummy or he wants to speak to her Mummy always replies “I’m coming.” The funny thing is that when mummy says “I’m coming” she is actually walking away! I think this is when daddy makes the sound of “Twi” in his mouth!

9 thoughts on “If you want to talk to me, pull up a chair and sit down”

  1. PapaG – I’ve just had a phone call from my daughter-in-law and was astonished to find that the grandson she was bearing the first time she visited The Cave is now eight. I remember you posting about Kojo when he was a mere babe in arms. How time flies. The tolling of the iron bell and all that!

    Sadly, Richard Wright (keyboards) is no longer with us.


  2. Snap OZ, I was just thinking the same thing, he was just a little scrap! Nice update PG.

  3. Hi Kojo!

    Of course I remember you. You look as handsome as ever, and very smart in your colourful “If you want to talk to me, take a seat and sit down” outfit.

    Thanks for a lovely blog, and Happy Birthday!

    Hugs from

    Auntie Bilby x

  4. Thanks “Auntie” – hugs are always welcome!
    CO – I kind of wish he could have stayed 4 to 5 years old for ten years! We bought him his first bike two weeks ago and he rode it first time under my tuition – something I could never have envisaged doing ten years ago.
    OZ – thanks for the music. I feel a bit like an ageing rocker! (But its Kojo who keeps me young at heart.)

  5. Lovely to see you, Kojo.

    All grown up and dressed to kill.

    I remember you when you were just a baby.

    Thanks PapaG. 🙂

  6. All the best PapaG and give Kojo a hug from The Wolf. He will be safe.


  7. Update on the lottery numbers used last week by my wife. Three came up so she wins £10 on her first attempt. So here is a reminder of those she says will win: 5, 10, 20, 25, 30 and 40. All Charioteers are welcome to try their luck next week using the same combination. My wife feels she is lucky; well she’s lucky to have me ha ha.

    Janus and the Royalist: I will encourage Kojo to put pen to paper more often!
    Ara: belated thanks and greetings to you.

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