Kojo with two friends

New chums

I have put a picture on Ara’s photography competition post on my son’s holiday in Ghana. But for those that have not seen that one then I put another here. Kojo has been away two months now, with his mother, and is due back in the UK next week. He has had a great time. He is outside the house most of the day, playing with other kids, with a ball or a hoop, chasing chickens and counting stars. (I am told the girls are chasing him!)

I shall re-create a mini Christmas day, on the day of his arrival back home; loads of prezzies to open and a small tree to marvel at. You can be sure I have missed him and his mother.

16 thoughts on “Kojo with two friends”

  1. He looks very grown up now, PapaG, and I can imagine you will see a change when he returns home.

    It will be a wonderful celebration when they return. I bet you are counting the days.

  2. Ara yes, how quickly time flies, the last 3-4 years AND the last two months! He is very much at home in Ghana, has bonded so well with his granny, and everyone loves him to bits. I am even told his English has come on since he has been out there. Had be been here in the UK last Christmas it would have been his first talking Christmas, so I cannot wait to have conversations and story times with him. Lots of hugging all round!

  3. Hi, PG.

    A fine photo of young Kojo and friends. As Ara says, he is growing up so quickly. Enjoy!

    A good New Year to you, to Kojo and to all your family.

  4. bravo22c :

    PG, you mentioned Kojo’s English getting better – are you bringing him up to be bi-lingual?

    Bravo – Kojo has been used to hearing both Twi (pronounced “Chwee”) and English. His mum speaks a lot of Ghanaian Twi here in London, as do her friends visiting the house. But the language addressed to Kojo is mainly English. Oddly I am told his English has improved whilst in Ghana these last 8 weeks – perhaps a need to inform and direct his Granny what to do (as Granny only speaks Twi – if that makes any sense – I mean it would be in his interests were Granny to be able to understand him. And Granny has added to her English vocabulary, learning many words Kojo associates with the food he eats. Certainly I would encourage him to be bi-lingual. If he travels back to Ghana every year or 18 months then it would be my hope that he would in time pick the Twi language up. We do want to build a family house in Ghana, possibly a retirement home for PapaG in years to come!

  5. PG. My ex is a Greek-Cypriot, so all of our children are bi-lingual. Your remark about Kojo’s Granny resonates. My ex’s Mum came to stay with us when we were stationed in NI and I came home from work one evening to find my older daughter, 5 at the time, interpreting between her and the Coalman – and she was speaking to the coalman with an Ulster accent 🙂 We decided from the outset that we thought it was important for the children to understand both branches of their rots and when the children were small, their Mum spoke to them only in Greek, while I spoke English with them.

  6. theroyalist :

    A nice warm post, PG. And a new language I’ve never heard of. You must give me a few words (with pronounciations) in Twi to learn.

    “Akwaaba” = WELCOME! I shall do a few more when the Mrs returns tomorrow! (I know so few myself.) PS There was another sound I made when I would urge people to step aside for me in a crowded Ghanaian food market. Yes, its a proper word, meaning something like “Make Way”. It works in the UK as well ha ha.

  7. Lovely stuff, PapaG. Immerse Kojo in as many languages as you can while he has the child’s mind that can soak up learning like a sponge.


  8. Thanks a lot, PapaG. I’ve been Akwaabaing (sic?) everyone who comes to my door. The Twi language is definitely the future. Best wishes to you and Kojo when he returns.

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