7 thoughts on “For the love of horses”

  1. The horse is rather fun but a bit of a non sequitor to a river pageant. Thought that whole South Bank bit was seriously weird and not particularly germane to the proceedings. i.e. a total waste of money!
    I think HMQ was chilled to the bone by then! Not beyond the wit of man to provide some heat on that barge but obviously hadn’t been done. Some surreptitious ducting at floor level would have been more than helpful to them at their ages. It looked positively bone chilling.

  2. That was just wonderful, PapaG. It was a moment that really stole the show. The other highlight for me, was the choir singing Rule Britannia. It was brilliant, although they were soaked to the skin, but the enthusiasm was undiminished.

  3. Watching the TV programme “All the Queen’s Horses” this evening, I expected HM to head off with some carrots and sugar lumps to greet the real stars of the show.

  4. Christina, as regards the lack of heating on the barge, I’m with you. The Duke of Edinburgh actually had dewdrops on the end of his nose at one point. We were seriously worried about two people of their age catching a chill. Fur wraps should have been provided at the very least.

  5. sheona, obviously so!
    Poor old soul has ended up in hospital! Don’t tell me it wasn’t a contributory factor.
    Far too much crammed into 4 days for such elderly people, bound to have a deleterious effect. Wouldn’t want to do it in my sixties let alone the eighties!

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