If you want to talk to me, pull up a chair and sit down

Sunday best
Sunday best

Hi, my name is Kojo and some of you will remember me. I have just turned 6 and this picture was taken yesterday. I’m wearing a chief’s cloth which says “If you want to talk to me, take a seat and sit down”. Well that’s what my mum says. She says its because the cloth has this red pattern which is the chair design used by African chieftains. Fine by me. My mum’s national language is “Twi” which is Ghanaian but I defy anyone to try and pronounce the word “Twi”. It is more like “chree” with more “sh” than “ch”. All I know is that dad can’t pronounce it – sounds like he is shredding celery between his teeth.

Anyway, what would you like to talk about? I’m like my mum, got an answer for everything. Dad calls mum “The Church of Janet” as she is always pronouncing some kind of judgment or has a view or opinion on everything. She even came up with a number system for winning the lottery. Well she came up with this last week. She used the system last Saturday. I’ll tell you what it is …. it’s numbers 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, and 40. She says the reason is that she can imagine counting the lottery winnings in these combinations. Well that makes sense to me, if you can visualise something then it can happen. Makes sense to be counting your winnings in tens and twenties and why go for all these obscure numbers like birthdates?

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Niger v Ghana – Afcon 2013

We met at 6pm.

I was the last to arrive, a beer was poured and waiting for me. A quick chat, distribute the tickets and off to the van,

We arrived at the Fettes road gate within 10 minutes, our lift dropped us off within 10 meters of the entrance unlike large well attended rugby tests there was no queue! A quick stroll through the electronic turnstile, a cursory body pat down and off to find our seats. Continue reading “Niger v Ghana – Afcon 2013”

Afcon ticket office

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that on Monday 28 January we are going to watch the mighty Niger against the Black Stars in the Orange Afcon 2013.

We’re avid sports fans, I’m one of the few people who can attest to watching World Cup Rugby, World Cup Cricket and World Cup Football all right here in my home city and now we’re privileged to host the Africa Cup of Nations, we just had to go.

I was tasked with buying the tickets, 8 of them!

I consider myself an experienced ticket buyer, in the last year I’ve arranged tickets for numerous E.P.Kings rugby matches, the Springboks / England test match, HSBC sevens, the Proteas v Black Caps T20 on Boxing day and of course more recently the Proteas v New Zealand 5 day test held right here at St. Georges Park.

Where to buy Afcon tickets? It was not as simple as you might think.

None of the usual suspects were selling tickets for the Afcon games!

A phone call to the offices of E.P rugby quickly solved my problem, “there’s a kiosk at the Prince Alfred Road gate” she said, no problem and off I headed.

I got to the aforementioned gate at The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium (the home of the mighty Southern Kings and graveyard of bulls and sharks) and nothing! Locked. I saw a security guard in the distance and beckoned her over, she directed me down the road to the ‘kiosk’

You’re not going to believe this….

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