Seven steps to heaven (Toast and marmalade)

As some may know I am an advocate of Sainsbury’s ‘Three Fruit’ marmalade, a combination of grapefruit, oranges and lemons. I actually prefer this to their Seville range of marmalade as the mixed fruit variety has more of a kick. Anyway, I tried it out on PapaGuinea Junior yesterday morning. Perhaps it takes years to acquire the taste of bitter marmalade and this trial no doubt was a stepping stone. Whether or not he realised this is seventh heaven is another thing but by the expression on his face at Step 7, I would say he was unsure.

Step 1. Examine toast


Step 2. Use both hands.
Step 3. Bring to mouth.
Step 4. Taste a sample.
Step 5. Take a firm bite.
Step 6. Digest slowly.
Step 7. Is this heaven?

PS Boa – If you didn’t stock up on Sainsbury’s 3 fruit marmalade, then I suggest you wet your finger and smear the toast at Step 1; you might just get a trace of that “kick”. Alternatively you might pick up some dust from the computer screen. (Just for the record Bearsy/Soutie, this caption formatting didn’t work on the “Dark Side”)

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