Photo Comp #33 – results

As you can see, a fine and varied collection of items adorning our homes, a huge thank you to the participants.

On to the judging then, in order of appearance …

I’m not too sure if Ara’s Indian runners were an entry or not, posted as a reply to a quip on ‘flying ducks’ not only are they pretty to look at but created an interesting discussion and I learned a thing or two.

FEEG’s hanging garden titled ‘Mrs FEEG’s Dangly Things’ brought back memories of my time in Cape Town and a girlfriend who had just discovered macramΓ©, thanks FEEG.

Pseu’s Mother and child carving from Malawi is a beautifully crafted picture with the shadows emphasizing Pseu’s ability to continually present us with well considered photographs.

LW’s maple bowl is a fine example of his neighbour’s craftsmanship, I love the colour.

Oz’s front door to the cave is indeed a thing of beauty, lovely colours and a welcoming entrance indeed, the African Lady wall light is certainly the sort of thing I’d have on my wall.

Chronicles by TR was a belated late entry submitted after a bit of arm twisting, I was impressed with the strategic layout and subject matter, thank you TR.

Last but by no means least, JM’s Peacock. Submitted despite the camera not quite capturing the shot exactly as he wanted. I have a relative in hospital at the moment, peacocks roam the grounds freely and would you believe one let rip with his deafening squawk right next to my car as I opened the drivers door yesterday, they do make a noise when they want to.

Now on to the announcement of the winner, the passing of the tripod as it were, after much thought and consideration, the narrowing down of potential winning entries to just two,Β  the panel award this months competition to FEEG.

Thank you all, I look forward to the next one.

12 thoughts on “Photo Comp #33 – results”

  1. I recall that centuries ago I used to get ‘internegs’ for copying slides. Do you have any of those? πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow, I am duly honoured, well done to all the others. Thank you, Soutie. I will apply the little grey cells to setting the next competition!

  3. You can let go of my arm now, Soutie. Soutie, come on now. Soutie. Ahh, thanks.
    WHAAT! After all that you awarded the trophy to one of your rugby pals. Talk about a backwards play.

    Only kidding. Congratulations FEEG.

  4. Thanks for this Soutie. I had a photo of a picture that belonged to my great-grandmother. Unfortunately, it isn’t mine – I have simply coveted it as long as I can remember!

    Congratulations FEEG!

  5. Yes, there I was, camera poised, when the wind got up and this autumn’s marvellous display was all at my feet. I’ll be ready for the ‘winter’ comp. though! πŸ™‚

  6. Morning all and thanks for the positive comments. πŸ˜‰

    These little in house fun events of ours are indeed fun, it would be nice if we could encourage a larger participation, they do help to keep the site ticking.

    Having said that, this months ‘themes’ of Autumn and Guy Fawkes (poetry) are certainly going to be more challenging for me than usual 😦

  7. nicely focussed comments, Soutie, with just the right exposure for each of the entrants πŸ™‚

    I see FEEG has snapped the opportunity to set the next competition. Excellent

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