Results of the Revolting Rhymes competition

A good, but short selection of ‘Revolting Rhymes’ for this revival of the poetry competition. Very hard to judge….

Bearsy’s poem (here) was a well told tale of the ‘King’s New Clothes’ with an excellent delayed rhyme scheme and with overtones, to my mind of AA Milne as well and Dahl!

Low Wattage gave us a new version of ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ (here) capturing their grief after the wedding excellently, with a couple of ‘in-house’ references, cleverly placed!

Janus made an excellent go of ‘The Tin Soldier’ (here) – though from the comments I read afterwards he had to sort out formatting and do a little post-post- editing, helped in the end by Bearsy! I hate that stanza thing disappearing when pasting in from word! What’s the answer, Old Bear?

John Mackie’s contribution tells the tale of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ (here) with a lovely twist – the addition of Stockholm Syndrome!!! Hilarious.

After thought and consideration I hereby nominate Low Wattage as the winner this time and hand the honour of setting the next competition to him.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

22 thoughts on “Results of the Revolting Rhymes competition”

  1. Well done, LW, and well-judged, Nym.

    I enjoyed reading the poems, but didn’t feel inspired enough to join in. I did start one, but ran out of inspiration very early on. 😦

  2. Thank you Pseu, I’m late here as usual, busier than a one armed paperhanger just now.

    I am delighted but amazed, I had myself a distant fourth (despite my “Good Housekeeping” award from Mrs. Osbourne .
    Incredibly good stuff from all concerned. I had started my scribble before I read Bearsy’s epic, I almost bagged it at that point.
    Not quite prepared to define the next comp. right now, give me until the morrow.
    I’ll try to come up with something that will appeal to the ladies (good line that, I may use it elsewhere)

  3. Pseu :

    I hate that stanza thing disappearing when pasting in from word!

    Do you simply copy and paste from word or use the ‘paste from word’ icon in the ‘new post’ toolbox? (lower row, 6th from left)

    I’ve never had a problem if I use the WordPress tool.

  4. Have you ever posted verse, Soutie?

    I must confess, I have tried every which way, and I still sometimes have problems with formatting verse.

  5. Evening Ara

    I’ve certainly posted articles with paragraph breaks and can’t remember having a problem, I’ll give it another try a bit later.

  6. Well done LW and sorry Pseu for the non-entry. Tried hard to make the deadline and gutted that I didn’t. I would have been a shoo-in for fifth place.

  7. So, if one requires a line break, use Shift/Enter when typing in Word. If you want a paragraph between stanzas then use Enter in the the normal way.

    I’m probably simplifying it a bit, but hopefully if one does this then the “paste from Word” button should work. I’ll try it tomorrow.

  8. No, not necessarily – Word is different, it is not HTML. What you’re suggesting may work, or it may not. Why complicate things?

  9. It doesn’t quite work, Bearsy. I just tried it. It is OK as far as the eliminating the double spacing but the “white space” between stanzas is not quite right!

    I will try again tomorrow when my brain works!

  10. So don’t do it in Word!! 🙄
    Or do if you must, but then paste it as text to get rid of all the Microsoft verbiage. Then follow WordPress.

  11. I’m actually trying to simplify things. Some of us write our poems in Word, and prefer not to tinker with the dreaded HTML. It’s much easier to perfect it in Word and then copy and paste.

    Anyway, I can see why we are having a problem, but I’m too tired to think about a solution.

  12. I did my stuff on Microsoft Office = Word, I think. I’ll do it directly on my WordPress Slacky thingy next time. 😦

  13. Well, Janus. If you type it directly into the WordPress box thing, you will probably find it is still not quite how you want it. The spacing between lines is still not right unless you use Shift+Enter when you want to start a new line.

    I’ve been doing a bit of research on this, and oddly, but Bearsy may have an explanation, or maybe not, it would seem that the almost foolproof method, is to type it directly into WordPress, BUT, do it into the HTML box and not the Text box.

    I’ve also managed to post quite successfully, copying it and pasting from Word, to the HTML box, directly, without using the “Paste from Word” facility. Both methods seem to work quite well, actually. If you have to adjust the space between paragraphs, just do it as normal in the HTML screen. It would seem that the only thing that reliably doesn’t work is posting in the Text screen mode and using the “Paste from Word” facility.

    Sorry, this is probably as clear as mud, but I will try and explain it rather more lucidly if anyone is interested!

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