2nd Photography Competition 2014

The theme for this competition is Transport, which you may interpret as imaginatively as you see fit: trains and boats and planes, etc., and even ponies – see my illustration below!

Please post your entries in this thread by midnight on the 31st March. No limits on the number of entries per person, and I am happy to have a go at sorting out any HTML failures, and there are admins who can help too.

One tip you may find useful: I used to post my photos on one of my own threads to see if it worked. You can always delete them.

Looking forward to your entries. πŸ™‚

40 thoughts on “2nd Photography Competition 2014”

  1. Ara – that horse picture is just magical. The picture would be front cover for a best selling children’s story. Transport? I will try and think outside the box!

  2. Hello PapaG.

    She was a very photogenic, pretty pony, and very nice natured. She does look quite magical in this photo, but she wasn’t quite so lovely covered in mud!

    Any entries from you would be most welcome.

  3. Araminta :

    You are quite right, Janus.

    I’d be grateful for a photo of anything at the moment, Christopher! ;)

    There’s time! You just might get one from me – now I’ve worked out what to take a photo of πŸ™‚

  4. A hastily taken pic of a lady waiting at a taxi rank yesterday.

    I took the pic as I was waiting at a red light, note the minbus taxis in the backround hundreds of them waiting for fares.

  5. Good morning, Araminta. I am looking in here after ages…had no idea where and how I lost track. Your photo appeals to me on all levels. The setting is my idea of heaven and the pony is exquisite. I could stare at the image for hours. Beautiful!

    On a separate note, I wonder if I can use your blog Araminta to say hello to Boadicea. I hope you are very well, Boadicea. Been thinking of you lately. My best wishes and warm regards!

  6. Hello Shermeen, lovely to see you and thank you for your comment. I’m pleased you enjoyed my photograph.

    Please feel free to use my blog. πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you, Janus and Araminta for your responses and hello, Boadicea. It is nice to be here.

    I was never good at blogging, Janus and I think my ‘status’ here only allows me to comment.

  8. Hi Araminta, last year my wife and I, with a couple of friends cycled the Canal Du Midi from Toulouse to Sete. It is about 240Km and we stayed in little B7Bs on route. As it was my first cycle tour I wasn’t sure what to expect, but loved every minute of it. Therefore cycling has to be my choice for a transport photo. This picture is taken in front of our house in Toulouse as we were setting off. I am the good looking one πŸ™‚

  9. Araminta, Good evening and, I think, a Good New Year to you. Sorry if I’ve already greeted you for 2014. The memory is not what it was

    There is only one form of transport (or lack of it) worth recording in Embra just now. They go live in May. and the Council have started trialling them. I have yet to have the luck to see one moving.

    So, I drove out to the the depot to see if they really existed. Amazingly, theydo appear to. Worth every penny of the Β£776m. Allegedly!.

  10. I have been away, busy, working, swimming, gardening and the like. Have just found this and will look into the theme immediately. πŸ™‚ …. (well soon, anyway, given that I’m working shifts for the next few days )

  11. I’ve been to our local Animal Welfare Society quite a few times this past month, on each visit I’ve been keeping an eye out for their horsebox, for your pony. Unfortunately each time I’ve visited, the box has been out, so I saw this out of the corner of my eye, a bit small for your pony but transport for a four legged friend nevertheless πŸ˜‰

    A bit battered but I’m told that it does the job!

  12. Hi Araminta.

    Finally saw one in motion. Heading home on Friday night, it glid past me. I grabbed my camera, rested my intrusive right elbow on the sill of the open window of the driver door and caught it in my wing mirror.

    Which is why the tram is heading off to the tropriA.

  13. I see that shanks’s pony originated in the late 18th century: first recorded as shanks-nag in R. Fergusson’s Poems (1785).

    Another North British event of note! πŸ™‚

  14. JM’s pic made me sit up and take notice, are they powering those trams from overhead cables? Who thought up that bright idea? Emmat Brown?

  15. Hello Soutie:
    I’m assuming yours was a serious question.

    All Trams (running on rails) and Trolley Buses (no rails) are powered from overhead cables (one wire in the case of trams, two in the case of trolley buses) via Pantographs (the spring loaded contact mechanism), it’s the only safe way to provide high voltage to the electric motors.

    Trams are very like trains, at the end of the route the driver gets out and reverses the pantograph then, driving from the other end, he drives the tram backwards to the beginning of the route. Trolley buses usually run on circular routes.

    There are a few strange exceptions, San Francisco has Cable Cars which are clutched to a cable running in a slot between the rails, they run at constant speed (the speed that the cable moves) and have manual brakes for the steep down grades, to stop the car completely the cable is released but it (the cable) keeps moving while the car is at the stop.

  16. Morning LW

    It just seems so “Back to the Futureish”

    Overhead high voltage power lines in the 21st century!

    And the cost of it all, I googled Edinburgh after my #23 and discovered that the population is only some 480,000. That’s Β£1,600 for every man woman and child!

    We’ll probably be told that it’s “green”, powered by a windmill farm up int the highlands and when the wind doesn’t blow plans are afoot to harness ‘wave power’ from the North sea.

    I would have thought that in this day and age reverting to Victorian style transportation was … well, dated!

  17. Aye, weel…..G’morgen, Soutie. Go gently with the Scots – they’re a touch fragile just now. πŸ˜‰

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