June photos – Tranquility

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She wouldn’t sleep as a baby, boy did she keep me up at nights. I would always do the late night / early morning stint and you can imagine my joy when she dozed off.

Peace and quiet, tranquility, a moments rest, call it what you will but this picture on the left perhaps depicts my feelings best.

It’s hard to believe that she’s now in her twenties, was it really that long ago?

And that’s what I want from you, cherished colleagues, a picture that perhaps describes tranquility in your life.

It can be a special place in the garden, a room, a chair, a holiday destination or as in my case a ‘special occasion.’ (even a ‘rare moment’ perhaps ;))

As usual I’ll accept multiple entries from participants.

Closing date Saturday June 22nd, any time zone, anywhere in the world, I’ll do the judging on Sunday, have fun and good luck!


Sorry to be  a little late, but I was called away to lend a hand with a new baby and only returned, rather shattered yesterday : tired but happy.

There were very few entrants to both competitions: in fact only one in the short story section. But what a story, Mr Royal! I’ll never be able to see a giraffe again without thinking of you.
SO, although you had no competitors, you are the worthy winner of the short story competition, and I look forward to a theme set by you for the next round.

There were a few more entrants for the photography side of things – I had expected photographs of little hands clasping larger hands, hands undertaking tasks, such as cooking, knitting, painting…. but no, you had other ideas…

OZ had this contribution: viar amoozing take on the ‘hands’ theme, and viar topical on the equine theme!

Ara posted this a beautifully side lit picture of Alice, Duchess of Suffolk who resides in her resting state in the church where PapaG was Christened, no less!

Christopher posted this, though sadly the hands were not very clear in the size of image.

Last, but not least, JM posted here with a vair amoozing piece, full of puns and several pictures – (the bananas nearly won, hands down, but for the misplaced figure in the background which to my eye spoiled the composition)

But in the end the prize does go to JM for the most unusual take on the theme: the graffiti handwriting of Clarice Cliffe (nee Shorter).

So I  hand the baton to you, John: your turn to set the next photography competition.


Oxfordshire sunset, tonight

13th Photo Competition – Contentment

The subject is Contentment.

It can be a picture of contentment or a scene which evokes that feeling in you or others.  There – that’s pretty loose isn’t it? Didn’t want to make it too tricky.

Entries (loads of them would be good)  please by midnight GB time Sunday 7th August. Continue reading “13th Photo Competition – Contentment”