Citius, Altius, Fortius (Take Two)

As bells ring out unto the world
And fires are lit and flags unfurl
The Gods in heaven lean back and roll the dice
To see who’ll win and who will lose,
As sparks ignite the Olympic fuse;
Each man, each woman taking part,
Linked by molten rings in unison do cry
“Faster, higher, stronger – we can but try.”
They stride the track and kingly turf
Each in pursuit of their own true worth
And not for money or stately prize
But in selfless sacrifice.

April – a busy month

This month I have mainly been working (the paid variety) managing those about to take GCSE and A levels, gardening and trying to keep up with the challenge of writing a poem a day, among other things…. there’s a major garden project going on and normal life to keep up with…. a woman’s work is never done.

The blossoms are suffering from  the heavy rains and high winds….

Wet, windy weather
clusters of blossom blown down
fragile button-holes

girls in dancing clothes
pick up the battered blossoms
to put in their hair

the cat, exhausted
from chasing whirlwind petals
lazily stretches

For the National Poetry Writing Month, NaPoWriMo, which you can find here


Now I see the photo competition is ‘growing’ I shall be getting the camera out in the next few days, given that we get some good light…..

Limerick Grand National – results (Judgement Day)

Yes everybody, the waiting is finally over 😉

Who would have thought it? Perhaps the greatest event of our time.

Almost 80 comments on a competition which until now was heading for the doldrums, a dozen runners, all running fairly, no excessive use of the whip, a good clean race. And the winner is……… Continue reading “Limerick Grand National – results (Judgement Day)”

Horsing around – the penultimate update

One week to go!

Things are hotting up, a welcome late showing by San Francisco Kid, we still have the African stallion and Four Eyes running what appears to be neck and neck out front, with Ol’ Two Face in hot pursuit. It’s time to get those whips out.

(I have a feeling that Ol’ Two Face’s latest entry might just have put one of his noses in front, time will tell)

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In the eye of the beholder

It can be very difficult to be a judge. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln you can please some of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

On Saturday a version of this picture

won third place in a competition at the Village Fete. I was pretty chuffed. One kind person came up to me to say they felt mine should have been the winner!

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8th poetry compo

Baobab tree

Any style you feel like, any genre, I’d like to hear a story, your entry has to have at least one African place name or African politician / celebrity in it..

Doesn’t have to be South African, Pyramids are fine, a trip to Victoria falls is okay.

I simply want a beginning and an end, a minimum of 12 lines, present them as you will.

For example Continue reading “8th poetry compo”