Clash Of The Titans

The following is based on a true story that happened on MyT

It was the irresistible force vs the immovable object. It was Ali/Frazier, Creed/Balboa and Butcher/Aggie all rolled into one. Both parties claimed a win the day they jousted on a blog. I’ll let the Charioteers decide whom was the real winner.

In the Red corner- Ana The Imp: erudite, sophisticated, a voracious reader, mixes at the top of society, well-travelled,  a supernatural dream weaver entity, she owns a horse! She enters the ring to the hair raising orchestral strains of Dance of the Knights.

In the Blue corner- JW: unlearned non-googler, luddite tendencies, tractor blogger, usually found in the pub, day dreams a lot, owns a piggy bank! He enters the ring to the sawdust floor foot stomping The Sideboard Song.

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Horsing around – the penultimate update

One week to go!

Things are hotting up, a welcome late showing by San Francisco Kid, we still have the African stallion and Four Eyes running what appears to be neck and neck out front, with Ol’ Two Face in hot pursuit. It’s time to get those whips out.

(I have a feeling that Ol’ Two Face’s latest entry might just have put one of his noses in front, time will tell)

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