Lady in red

Thems were the times my mate
Way back in eighty eight
Just you and me, footloose and fancy free

We’d go wher’er we felt
No need to tighten belts
The two of us, no need to catch  a bus

We had great times together
No matter what the weather
Always there, anytime, anywhere

But then I called it off
Said that I’d had enough
How I regret, selling my red Kadett

6 thoughts on “Lady in red”

  1. Morning all

    Wow, my efforts have been called many things in the past, nothing like this though 😳

    Thank you. (and thanks to the likers too ;))

  2. Soutie, g’morgen! Think of the Nine as the classical equivalent of Islam’s 24 virgins. Have faith and keep trying! 😉

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