A few days left

Just a short reminder, as is the custom, to any charitable Charioteer poets out there that haven’t yet entered this month’s poetry competition. Closing date is midnight on Tuesday (23rd October). So far, there are four entries. Two apiece from Soutie and Janus. I’d like to thank these guys and not just for the poems. Both of them have been keeping the place ticking over during this quiet time. Gentlemen, take a bow.

Details of the rules can be found here.

October poetry competition: Charity

BillStruth! Yet more evidence that the world is bonkers. I won a poetry competition.
Nevertheless, this is one of the happiest days of my life.

The theme for the next competition is Charity. You can interpret that any way you want. All styles, formats, lengths are acceptable. There’s just one little add-on.

I’m pinching an idea from Ferret (wherefore art thou, Ferret?). In a previous creative comp he wanted participants to include a song title in their story. To win this month’s poetry competition your poem should include the title of a film. It would be nice if the movie were well-known and not an obscure art house project. Extra points if the title fits into the story of the poem.

Closing date- Midnight on Tuesday October 23rd.