Operation Angle Grinder

My mate Gerrie had an angle grinder and extension cord stolen out the back of his bakkie (pick up truck to you) parked at one of our larger sports bars during the Springbok All Black match on Saturday the 20th August.

He told me about his loss the following Monday or Tuesday, he added that he only left the pub where he was watching at about midnight or so (celebrations here after Springbok victories are often long and hard!) I of course called him an idiot and asked him what on earth he’d expected? We do of course sympathise with our buddies when something is stolen but, hey, life goes on!

I had a lunchtime beer with Gerrie this past Wednesday, Continue reading “Operation Angle Grinder”

Grannies 1 – Thugs 0

Heard this on my lunchtime news yesterday, really made my day, thought that I’d share… enjoy 🙂

My front page today

From today’s E.P Herald

AN elderly St Francis Bay woman  shot and killed one of two intruders in her home early yesterday after they broke into her house and held her hostage. Police said the 72-year-old was assaulted and robbed at about 3am by the men, who were armed with a screwdriver and knife.

The attackers gained entry by breaking a window and opening  a sliding door.

Warrant Officer Marianette Olivier said the woman had heard a noise inside the house just before the men stormed her bedroom and attacked her.

“They confronted her, tied her hands behind her back and blindfolded her, demanding bank cards and pin numbers,” Olivier said. “One of the robbers allegedly took her Mercedes-Benz and drove to a nearby ATM, where he withdrew an undisclosed amount of money.

“While he was drawing the money, his accomplice remained behind in the house.”

The nearest ATM is at a local shopping centre about 2km from her home. During the time that the robber was at the ATM,  the woman managed to untie herself when the other attacker left the room.  In a panic, she grabbed her 38 special revolver. Continue reading “Grannies 1 – Thugs 0”

Put Pensioners in Jail

That’s where I intend to put myself, in due course. Well, of course, not exactly jail, but the Royal Hospital is a closed institution where I plan to park myself with others of my generation and background so that we can enjoy the magnificent grounds, the beautiful architecture, our own licensed club, Post Office, putting and bowling greens, croquet lawn, handicraft workshops, allotments and library.

But, what of everyone else of my age? Put the pensioners in jail . and the criminals in a nursing home

Becoming a criminal

I was struck by the last sentence in this article.


“Watching TV without a valid licence is a criminal offence punishable by a fine of up to £1,000.”

Given the invasive nature of TV licence inspectors and the ruthlessness with which they pursue their objectives, I imagine that quite a few, otherwise harmless citizens, find themselves with criminal records. In the event, albeit unlikely, that I were to be successfully prosecuted for not owning a television licence and thus categorized as a criminal, I think that I would be more, rather than less, inclined to commit further crimes. There is an old saying, ‘one may as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb’ and I think this is a perfect example of how the pettiness of self-serving law-makers  has the unintended but predictable result of creating more law-breakers. Having a criminal record creates all sorts of difficulties in a persons life including inhibiting one’s ability to travel,  denying one job opportunities, prohibiting one from becoming a company director and so forth. I do not want a criminal record, but were I to have one, it would no longer serve as a deterrent. Tax evasion, amongst a host of other crimes, would suddenly become a real consideration. By branding me a criminal, you turn me into one. That is of course if one assumes I have no moral inhibitions.

Is it Right to Prosecute?

 Today I was going to write about my Democratic values and what they means to me. Fortunately you have been given a reprieve. Instead, I will relate a nasty incident that happened to me not more than a couple of hours ago and ask your opinion on a moral dilemma.

Lunchtime today I was minding my own business, having lunch in a fast food restaurant when a man came in. A rough sort with a skin-head and workman’s clothing. He sat down at the adjacent table and started to hurl abuse at the person sitting opposite me. When that person got up and left the restaurant, he rounded on me throwing verbal abuse (which I shall not repeat here) and then bits of his food at me and then asking me to apologise for it.

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