This picture taken by Brian Witbooi adorns the front page of my daily read this morning, it’s captioned “Residents go bananas.”

We’ve had another round of xenophobic attacks (read looting of Somali shops) down here, nothing too serious only 1 dead and 3 in hospital so far.

The picture depicts a desperate attempt by a shopowner to keep looters at bay by chucking food at them, it didn’t work.

I thought it a great picture and wanted to share.

15 thoughts on “Bananas”

  1. G’dag, Soutie. “…….nothing too serious, only 1 dead and 3 in hospital so far.” We certainly live in different worlds.

  2. Môre Jay

    Fortunately I’m pretty far removed from it all, the previous outbreak, perhaps 3 months ago led to a week of violence and some pretty serious rioting

  3. jhleck :

    Morning Soutie,

    Whats the beef with the Somalis about?

    Indigenous South Africans object to the fact that immigrants from Somalia, Zimbabwe, DRC and elsewhere, work hard to make a living. They have been made to believe that everything should be handed to them on a plate. After all, that is what the West and the ANC implied would happen once they had got rid of the apartheid government. The only thing stopping black South Africans from enjoying a luxurious life-style was a few racist whites. The immigrants have recognised that it is not quite that straight forward.

  4. Hi JHL

    The majority of Somalis here are shopowners, not shops in a sense that you would be used to but small corner convenience stores in converted old ramshackle buildings or even the front room / garage of their residence.

    They’ll sell items in small affordable quantities (a cup of sugar, decanted spices etc.)

    They dress different, speak different and of course have a different religion. I’ve spent many a day at our social services department assisting parents with social grants, the offices are flooded with Somalis.

    Now, whether the problem is that they’re undercutting existing local shopowners I don’t know but today’s report tells me that there are 100 shops in the one local township alone!

    It could of course simply be a case of mob rule and the Somalis are fair game.

    The current spate of violence was sparked on Sunday when a Somali shot and killed a local 19 year old after an apparent argument about telephone airtime.

    To be honest, I’d like to see the back of them

  5. Morning Sipu, well done on the cricket 🙂

    Your quite right, a lot of these refugees / immigrants appear to be making a living but at whose expense?

  6. From all the reports I’ve read, Soutie, the Somalis in the UK specialise in selling drugs. Let’s hope that doesn’t spread to South Africa.

    Janus, at the moment I’m in God’s own country so feeling quite at home. I’ll go back to being an immigrant – an ethnic minority even – next week.

  7. Soutie, “They dress different, speak different and of course have a different religion.”

    I guess the indigenous South Africans said much the same when the white settlers arrived! Migration is a bitch, eh?

  8. Thanks for the link, Sipu. The lady’s face looks familiar. I’m going to a reunion this weekend so may ask around. We Scots get everywhere.

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