May Photography Competition: Let’s Do the Things We Normally Do.

Thank you to Araminta for giving me the privilege of judging the May photography competition.

The topic for the month is: let’s do the things we normally do. Submissions should be of life’s normal occurrences. Taking walks, cups of coffee, roasted wild boar, etcetera. The deadline is 18 May at midnight British time.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

13 thoughts on “May Photography Competition: Let’s Do the Things We Normally Do.”

  1. Ooh, clever topic and challenging. I shall have to dust off the camera. Message to Brain – closing date 18th May, midnight Zulu.


  2. The NSW normally chooses our lunch menu, which I am then tasked to produce. The other day she decided we should go ’70s retro’ and have a prawn cocktail starter followed by steak and chips. The fizz is customary too.


  3. It always feels so good to have all those nasty barnacles scraped off one’s bottom and to get a nice new coat of paint in the Spring.

  4. Cape Road

    A totally boring pic of Cape Road, a road I drive everyday.

    It’s the busiest road in town, okay, I know it doesn’t look busy here but I did have to wait for a lull in the traffic. It’s called Cape Road because if you keep driving in this direction (west) you’ll end up in Cape Town 500 miles later, no turn offs, no interchanges just one road all the way.

  5. By the way, the pics of the MG were also taken on this road, just a bit further up!

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