23 thoughts on “Crikey, it’s quiet around here”

  1. Posh bangers and mash for tea, with a jolly good glass of red wine – but no-one else is cooking it, so TTFN

  2. Got The Cave full of the Great Wolf and Great She-Wolf until Thursday. Much hunting necessary and much cooking, hence a somewhat lowered participation here until after then.


  3. Oh, I see, Nym! I bet they were all the same size. We had one grossly large specimen this evening, which no-one felt inclined to tackle. It will lie in state for a day, in the fridge, in the hope that it may be consumed at some point. I doubt this will happen, but one never knows. πŸ™‚

  4. Cold sausages always disappear in our house!
    Yes they were of a very uniform nature, but stuck to the pan as I oven cooked them rather than frying or grilling as that way they need less attention.

  5. We always cook ours in the oven. I will snaffle the odd leftover sausage, occasionally. This one is still fat and moist, so will probably not be eaten. I prefer my sausages cremated.

  6. Got people over tonight, necessitates actually doing some cleaning!
    We always invite someone when the place is grim so as to make us actually DO something about it!
    The garden is always immaculate but the house appears to leave a lot desired, oh well, who cares anyway?
    Much rather pay for gardening help than a cleaner!

  7. Bilby – so have I got this right? There is something fat and moist and presumably meaty-ish known as, and I quote, a cold sausage in the fridge that will, and I quote again, probably not be eaten.

    Just leave the back door slightly ajar tonight, there’s a good marsupial. Drool!


  8. It’s a long way to lope for a fat and moist morsel, OZ, but fill your boots. Key under mat, but don’t tell Eff.

  9. No distance is too far to lope for a fat and moist morsel, Bilby. Dear Ethel has retired to her room, exhausted by weeks of performing daily inspirational hexes for my September C/W effort. Das FΓΌrballen are therefore much more relaxed than of late. I’ll put the key back where I found it.


  10. Christina, I’d rather pay for house help, rather than gardening! At least I know the house has been sorted out. Whenever I have help in the garden I need to supervise so closely…

  11. We have 5 cold sausages at my house. And returning Cyclomaic and friend who will polish them off I’m sure!

  12. Burp! You might as well go to bed Pseu, and feed Cyclomaniac something else in the morning.

    Bilby – I seriously wish to discuss the “Distance lends enchantment” mindset with you, at some length, soon, very soon.


  13. I’d have joined your little gathering but Danish TV now shows two Premier League matches of a Saturday followed by Midsomer Murders – which add up to an early night!

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