Grout Expectations

There’s a leak coming from the room above into the dining room.
The plumber says it’s the grouting in the shower that’s at fault.
The tiler can’t come yet as he’s so busy.
The builder says the tricky bit it getting the old grout out.

I’m going to give it a go.
You see the Cyclomaniac is away and so I can leave the shower dry for a few days.

Today I visited Homebase and gazed at the tiling tools and sighed.
I gazed at the huge variety of grout and sighed.
I wondered over to the screw drivers (etc ) rack a and still couldn’t see what I was looking for.

James was prompted by a female assistant to come to help me. He took me to the tiling tools again and right in the middle, right where I had already looked, there was just the thing. A grout remover. I showed him the enormous tub of waterproof grout I had found and he showed me the same but smaller. He showed me the spreading tool.

Three things. I went to the till and paid.
Now all I have to do is find the time to do it.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

22 thoughts on “Grout Expectations”

  1. Pseu, this is seemples. I offer you three standard male-type excuses for when The Cyclomaniac deigns to hove back into view and in the event of you failing to achieve a successful degrout/regrout by then:-

    1. ‘The incompetent swine sold me the wrong sort of grout’.

    2. ‘This sort of thing takes time and skill and I’ve been really busy at work. If you harry and harass me like this, I’m bound to make a mess of it. Just give me space!’

    3. ‘That’s a really nice suit. It brings out the colour in your eyes.’

  2. It’s a surprise, JM.

    As long as I don’t do a surprisingly bad job I should get brownie points.

    (My real concern is that once I have loosened the grout the tiles will fall off. And then what? )

    I’ve tiled you before, Bravo, about your puns.You should be showering me with encouragement.

  3. hmm, trouble is, if you do it, you might be expected to do even more in the future.
    I’m a great believer in division of labour!
    Saves a lot of aggravation and overwork in the long run.

  4. Division of Labour: Indoors – Right Brain’s role/outdoors – Left Brain’s role.
    Just a hint on grouting – base joins of tiles to a shower tray for example are best handled with flexible sealant – grouting inevitably eventually cracks up and leaks. I recently paid a plumber’s bill to fix this very problem in a daughter’s apartment, and quote verbatim from the expert himself!

  5. Hm!
    I’d wear the old winter coat and tear further holes in it!
    Just to embarrass him!
    Anyway, winter coats never wear out I’ve had the same ones for decades!
    I still don’t think it is you job, less bloody cycling and more maintenance!
    Setting a very bad precedence.
    You wait you’ll be cleaning the gutters next!

  6. On a technical note, Scandinavian bathrooms are built as ‘wet rooms’, with sealed floors so that water cannot leak out. Seems sensible.

  7. Nym,

    Did the fellow in the DIY store sell you an antibacterial grout? It helps to prevent mould and mildew build up.

    Also, should a tile come loose, most grouts these days are a perfectly acceptable adhesive.

    Where you must take great care is in the grout removal. On edge, tiles are extremely delicate, they can chip and crack if you just look at them the wrong way.

    All in all, I am with Mrs Osborne on this one. Between a work to rule style withdrawal of spousal favours and the added nause of not being able to shower, the pedal pusher will either get the hint or put his hand into his lycra pocket and pay for the work to be done.

    Your decision will go one of two ways:

    a. You will rise to the challenge, only break a few tiles and do a fantastic job of it.


    b. You will succumb to the utter frustration that mortals experience when DIY tiling, and give up after 3 days of backache and repeated trips to the tile store. Ending in you paying even more for a professional to recover your mess and regrout after all.

    You do realise that you can’t just regrout a section where you think there is a leak don’t you? It will look ridiculous. The only way to get an even result is to regrout the whole lot.

  8. My T-shirt is stained with the blood, sweat and tears of trying to tile! It’s not a DIY-friendly job, trust me! 🙂

  9. Like plastering, tiling is a skill requiring years of training and practice, irrespective of the cerebral input, left or right! 🙂

  10. I have tiled a little before. I remember all the nibbling.

    I can buy whitener you know, Ferret, from Lakeland, to equalise the colour later….

    (But I’m feeling more and more put off.)

  11. Thank you Mr Four Eyes.
    I am ambidextrous in several important tasks and have both a modicum of logic and a modicum of creativity…
    not sure how I fit inot this.

    Ferret, yes I found mould deterring anti-bacterial, bathroom grout, for bathrooms.

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