With one child at the start of GCSE courses and the other setting out on the way to A levels, with only one half term’s worth under their belts so far, we are fully aware that there will be a fair amount of homework set, and that some of this will be ‘holiday homework’. Continue reading “Procrastination”


I should be working. I am going to get on with it in a minute. Honest. I’ve left a few comments here and posted a new post on my page, so if I just put a post here that will keep me from my work a few more minutes.

So what to post? I feel the hand of SabinaA upon me. You know how she likes to post those teasing questions.

So this is mine.

Apart from your toaster, washing machine, cooker and kettle, which is your favourite kitchen appliance and why?

After much thought (more procrastination) I’ve decided mine is my Remoska. It was nearly my mini food-processor which I use a lot, but I could manage without it, while my little Remoska is fantastic for baking beetroots and cooking all sorts of things where I wouldn’t want to turn my big (electric) oven on for.

Now to work.

Or maybe, I shall just wait a moment or two and see if anyone replies…