With one child at the start of GCSE courses and the other setting out on the way to A levels, with only one half term’s worth under their belts so far, we are fully aware that there will be a fair amount of homework set, and that some of this will be ‘holiday homework’.

My two broke up on Wednesday afternoon and have therefore had time to get them selves sorted out, and possibly get most of this holiday homework done so that next week they can have a nice time completely free of this pressure.We have made the suggestion.
You see we shall be off work with them next week and it would be wonderful if the holiday period could be free of the shadow of incomplete homework. We have been there before. Many times.

Both of them are guilty of stretching it out and making sure there is enough work left at the end of the hols to cause stress to everyone involved. And last time we went away for a half term the eldest lost his dongle (what we call the removable storage device, in case you are wondering – what do you call it?) on which he had all his work… and it was the only copy. THE ONLY COPY!
So we had to turn the place upside down looking for it, at the same time that another senior member of the team lost the bike key. (Naming no names, but it wasn’t me.) Not the least stressful way to end a holiday. Both items eventually turned up, by the way, but not until we had found a farmer to cut through the bike chain, driven home and unpacked.

And what did we learn from the incident?

Well Techie Adviser has agreed he should always email his work to himself and save it to the dongle and save it to the computer . And the senior member of the team? Large key ring and always put the key back in a ‘usual’ place …

So here I am tip tapping away, in the hope that they too are working upstairs and producing a finished result. Left to their own devices procrastination  seems to be the name of the game.

So what should I be doing now?

Yes, you’ve guessed it.
I too am procrastinating. I need to submit some work before 5pm.
Time for a cup of tea first, I reckon… what do you think?

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

17 thoughts on “Procrastination”

  1. Backups are the answer. Best not rely on email, as you cannot always access it. A second dongle aka key or USB drive, is the answer. A dongle is really something you have to plug in to validate a particular piece of software on a particular computer.

  2. I’m reminded of the first bike lock that ‘we’ lost, no problem, I had the spare key, after that only 5 digit combination locks 🙂

  3. Hi Four-Eyes, maybe that’s the correct use of the term, but the school has used this name and it has stuck!

    Soutie… and you always remember the combination?

  4. Trouble is with this one that some do better work when under pressure.
    Were I you I would knock out the holidays at half term to obviate the necessity of all the stress for the duration of the courses.
    I do think that people get in the habit of holidays and feel they ‘ought to’ if you know what I mean.
    Vastly over rated in my opinion, sometimes it is so much easier and more relaxing just to ‘mong’ out at home rather than rushing hither and thither.

  5. Soutie :

    I’m reminded of the first bike lock that ‘we’ lost, no problem, I had the spare key, after that only 5 digit combination locks :)

    I remember having one of those old type 4-digit combination locks when I was a kid – I switched to a key lock when one Saturday in town a cheeky thief pinched the lock and left the bike!

  6. I find that three weeks is about the right length for a real holiday. If you take a two-week break, the first week is spent winding sown and the second thinking about getting back to work. Three weeks gives you a week in the middle just to chill 🙂

  7. This blog was a bit painful to read as I’m a Pro-Crastinator too. Never missed a deadline yet, tho.

    Have a fun week off with the family, Pseu!

  8. You can lead a horse to water and etc… Let them sort out their own deadlines. They will have to do so when they move on to the next stage, Nym.

    Have a happy break!

  9. Lot of truth in your comment, Christina. Both on the fact that some people work best under pressure, and that it’s often more relaxing to stay at home.

    Araminta is also right. Perhaps it’s time to let them set their own dead-lines – and face the consequences of missing them now, rather than later when they will have to be self-motivated.

    Ferret – gold star from me, too!

  10. John Mackie :

    Hi, Pseu.

    Enjoy the break but don’t forget that the end is, at long last, almost in sight and you still have nine whole days to put an entry in:-

    JM, after giving the matter due consideration, I recommend you postpone the judging until the year end, thereby removing the need for any further creative effort this year. Life is altogether too hectic, in my opinion. 🙂

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