What does September mean to you?

Cooler mornings, the start of a new term, new resolutions, Autumn’s approach, Daddy long-legs, spiders in the bath, cobwebs in hedges, blackberries, rose-hips and sloes, new timetable, children back to school, new beginnings….

I just love it.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

11 thoughts on “September”

  1. I don’t. I want everlasting June! Breakfasts outdoors, warm sun on skin. The comfort of wearing light cottons and sandals and the bliss of not feeling remotely chilly. To be by water or, preferably, in it. Cycling when the heat is beginning to cool and getting home when it’s still light enough to sit in the garden with a glass of chilled La Gitana before dinner.

    That’s what i likes! ;-D

  2. Pseu, indeed 🙂

    A different Julie Andrews experience. In my last year of school, lo, these many autumns ago, i was walking out with a young lady who absolutely loved ‘Mary Poppins.’ I saw the film at least twice a week for the whole summer – I can still quote it verbatim. (My daughter didn’t believe me until she donwnloaded it for the grandchildren…)

  3. Wonderful golden sunshine with no heat.
    Holidays without dreadful people’s ghastly children!
    Empty beaches.
    My favourite month.

  4. It means something quite different here – of course!

    But, if I don’t think about it then it means the beginning of Autumn with the browns and golds of October to look forward to.

  5. Pseu – yes! And despite living here for over 20 years I still can’t disassociate September from Autumn in my emotions!

  6. Mornin’ Pseu – September for me nowadays is when the afternoon temperatures drop down to the low thirties and the air is filled with the clattering ‘tacka-tacka-tacka’ sound of locals knocking hard, black carobs off the trees with long canes. Early mornings are wonderful right now – that magical half-hour as the sky lightens, but before sun comes up, when everthing smells fresh and clean.


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