Rain rain go to Spain

We are lucky in comparison with so many other places in the UK, in that we don’t have flooding just where I live. But the fields and woods are saturated and squelchy underfoot.
Without much enthusiasm this morning, before the next forecast rain due in about 11 am, I pulled on my walking boots and wrapped a scarf around my neck.


I didn’t have to go far before I stuffed my gloves into the pockets of my jacket, and pulled out the camera


??????????The old man’s beard is so noticeable at this time of the year catching whatever light there is, and shining against the drab hedgerows even on a dull day. Continue reading “Rain rain go to Spain”

One frost does not make a winter….

We have had very mild weather in the UK,  temperature wise, despite all the bluster and buckets of rain. So it was rather refreshing to have a beautifully frosted morning yesterday, especially as I had an old friend visiting from Melbourne. We walked around Blenheim and the years of separation slipped away. We met in 1987 while working in Mildura, Victoria for six months, and again once about 10 years ago when we stayed with him in Melbourne.

???????????? Continue reading “One frost does not make a winter….”

The sea, the sea

Living in Oxfordshire as I do, I don’t often see the sea, but as it happens, here I am, up on the Wirral with a borrowed camera – and yesterday I had the opportunity to visit West Kirby where the usually calm marine lake has been spewing sea weed up onto the prom railings.

????????????And the waves were wetting the pavement… they had closed the road. Continue reading “The sea, the sea”