Caravan Style Transport

DSCN2299Here we have a very slow form of transport for Ara’s Photo comp

This large snail was sliding across a very wt path in Blenheim Palace grounds yesterday. I believe it is an edible or Roman Snail, known as an Escargot.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

11 thoughts on “Caravan Style Transport”

  1. Hear about the snail that bought himself one of the latest sports cars?

    Painted a huge “S” on each side of the car.

    Why? you ask.

    So people would say …..

    “Look at that “S” car go”


  2. Caravan snail, also known as The Traveler (Romanus gipsum mollusc).

    Commonly found on open ground, sports fields, village greens.

    Fast breeder

    Originated Eastern Europe.

    Considered a pest, best to eliminate them at first sight, if they get established on a property, very difficult to move.

  3. Once at work, I was discussing the merits of snails in garlic butter with a French girl who was training as a test engineer. One of my colleagues came in halfway through the conversation and only heard,”…I think they taste like garlic flavoured rubber.”, “Oh, “says he,” is that a new line from Anne Summers!?”

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