FIFA legacy in tatters

Today’s Herald

On the day that the 2014 football world cup kicks off across the Atlantic in Brasil our local hacks have decided to publish a (in their opinion) damning report card on the “shambles” FIFA left behind right here in the Eastern Cape back in 2010

Well, it aint my opinion.

I love our new stadium.

I use the ‘new’ roads and those upgraded (widened and resurfaced) on a daily basis.

The upgrade to our little airport and it’s infrastructure was long overdue.

And as for the cost to the city? I couldn’t care less, those who think that the money spent on maintaining the stadium (R13.2  million) would have been spent on welfare , housing or other developments, think again. It just meant less Mercs and overseas junkets for the elected few.

In 6 months of Super Rugby over 300,000 people attended the stadium to support / watch our E.P. Kings, that R13.2m equates to less than R50 per supporter! Not to mention the huge support when the Boks and World 7’s play here.

Less money in the ratepayers pot to be stolen and squandered.

My mates and I still reckon that those 30 days in 2010 were perhaps one of the best months of our lives!

I’ve reprinted the article for those interested in what the damning report had to say … Continue reading “FIFA legacy in tatters”

Sepp Blatter’s folly

Buffelsfontein Rd, Sunday morning

During the last week of last year’s FIFA world cup four huge  advertising signboards suddenly appeared on the main thoroughfares of Port Elizabeth advertising the ‘upcoming FIFA World Cup’ and welcoming visitors to our shores! (Really huge, this road is 4 lanes wide and had a sign on each side!) Continue reading “Sepp Blatter’s folly”

Nice try but no Kruger Rand

Some of you may remember my post of March 2nd in which I promised Sepp Blatter a Kruger Rand if our ‘rapid bus network’ was completed by Christmas. It was supposed to be ready for the World Cup!

My exact words were;-

We were promised a ‘rapid bus/rail network’ , ha ha ha ha, :) if the lanes are ready by Christmas I will personally send Uncle Sepp a Christmas card and a Kruger Rand!

Here’s Kempston Road (a vital main thoroughfare) this morning.

Disaster area

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Lucky boy (cont.)

What a day.

What great organization, 5 star treatment from the moment that I arrived ’till the moment that I left.

I was asked earlier what whisky was being served, well I don’t drink the stuff but the whisky on offer in our suite was something called ‘J & B Jet’

Fortunately for me, when I mentioned my dilemma to one of the staff a bottle of brandy magically appeared, that’s more my style, a couple of beers (Bud, it’s awful but I forced a couple down (didn’t want to offend my hosts 😉 )) followed by a few brandy and cokes during the match. I hear some of you laughing at the stereotype (beer and brandy& coke), well, leopards don’t change their spots even in FIFA suites!

I had a great time, I’ve had a great month of it actually, South Africa returns to normal tomorrow, no hangover, no regrets and loads of happy memories, FIFA’s advertising blurb is absolutely spot on, ‘Once in a lifetime.’ Continue reading “Lucky boy (cont.)”

Holland vs Slovakia – I was there (in 3D)

Incredible, absolutely incredible, if you haven’t yet watched a match in 3d get off your backside and go buy a ticket.

I wouldn’t think that it matters whether it’s Tennis, Football, Grand Prix, whatever, I simply can’t describe the feeling. Continue reading “Holland vs Slovakia – I was there (in 3D)”

I’m lovin’ it (2)

Cool or what?

Some of you may remember my good fortune at being lucky enough to win two tickets to FIFA 2010 courtesy of McDonald’s, I wrote about it here.

Here’s one of them, arrived by courier this morning, I actually won two tickets, row 12  seat 1 and 2.

It’s been a heck of a performance getting them, McDonald’s sent two events managers down here from Jhb two Sundays ago, I arrived with my documentation and out of over 150 winning applicants from the Eastern Cape my name had somehow or other fallen off the database. The chap in charge was brilliant gave me his details and assured me that although the free ticket event was over that he would look after me, what can I say, it took a few phone calls but as you can imagine I was ecstatic when my tickets finally arrived this morning.

Have a look at the ‘category’

Category 1,  face value US$160, that’s a fortune down here (as I’m sure it is anywhere), can’t wait, we’re going to have a jol!

Others may remember my even earlier post (during January) where I applied for tickets for a number of different games, this match was one of them, don’t worry, don’t have a sleepless night I was able to sell my tickets would you believe to a Portuguese mate of mine who had missed the boat (at face value of course :))

I recall being criticized by our (ex)resident Orleans gardener about junk food and the pros and cons thereof, as my title says, who cares I’M LOVIN’ IT 😉