Lucky boy

I’ve said previously that I wouldn’t be paying for a ticket to tomorrow’s 3rd / 4th playoff match between Uruguay and Germany, our special S.A. discounted tickets start at R540 (£50), which is what I paid for Netherlands v Brazil and for what? Two teams playing to see who will be second bridesmaid!

Guess what?

I was invited yesterday to FIFA’s hospitality suite!

Got to be there an hour and half before the game, 3 course meal, fine wines, 12 year old whisky and of course a ‘goodie bag’

I’m told that the value of the package is R14,000 (£ 1,300) – not a misprint fourteen thousand rand!

Am I a lucky boy or what


11 thoughts on “Lucky boy”

  1. Hee Hee Soutie,

    Knock yerself out chum. Who knows, the game might even be a half decent one. Is it luck or Karma chum? Make the most of it either way. 🙂

  2. Howzit Soutie – It is quite easy to go off people, you know. 🙂 Make sure you get your R14,000 worth.


  3. Soutie,

    What with the FIFA hospitality suite being such a high profile gig, there’s every chance you could be on the tellybox. Would it be too much to ask that you create a suitable banner to wave should the cameras swing in your direction “Boas Chariot Kicks Ass!” or some such. Nothing gawdy you understand, letters about 10 feet high ought to do it. 🙂

  4. Ha ha Ferret, only 10′ !

    I’m actually a beer and brandy man, They are apparently only allowed to provide the sponsors beer (Bud, gawd it’s awful) and I doubt if they’ll have brandy as we know it, perhaps I’ll have to force some of that French Cognac down, any idea how it tastes with coke?

  5. Morning OZ

    I’ll do my best, I actually asked if I could use the ticket to raise money for our school, they said no. Not allowed to transfer it.

    It does of course mean that I’ll have to behave myself on Saturday, it’s the 1st Tri-nations test tomorrow us against the All Blacks, I’ll be watching with coffee and orange juice in hand. 😦

  6. It’s a tough old life, Soutie, but someone’s got to do it.

    See you later. I have an assignation with the New She-Wolf at ten.



  7. Enjoy – I guess many spectators are neutral, though I read Uruguay endeared themselves to the locals as their team went out to meet the people (unlike the stuffy prima donna English players -a major boo boo on the organisers part).

  8. Evening all

    Oz, I hope that you had a good as time that I intend to have tomorrow.

    Thanks Janus.

    PapaG, I’ve really enjoyed watching this event as a ‘neutral’ although I must admit that the player that I’ve most admired in this tournament is Diego Forlan, I’d love for him to go home a winner!

  9. Gaun yersel’, Soutie.

    Have a great day. I’ll be glued to the telly in the morning to watch the mighty Bokke crushing the All Blacks yet again.

    Won’t be watching the minor place play-off. Got a seriously social bowling match in the afternoon followed by a ceilidh for friends’ 40th Wedding anniversary in a village hall in the Borders. Only similarity to your thrash will be the whisky that will be in it, both afternoon and evening. Please let me know which 12 year old whiskies were involved at your end. The term can cover a multitude of flavours from paint stripper to nectar, in my experience.

    Hope the Huns win, of course. The Uruguayans deserve nothing, in my opinion, after that atrocity against Ghana.

  10. Ha ha John

    I might give you an update on my return (look under creative writing :)) or perhaps wait ’till Sunday morn.

    Bokke v All Blacks, at last our boys are there on equal footing, they think that they can win. I think that it’ll be close. I used to watch these games and hope for a bonus point at best, not any more (3 out of 3 last year)

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