Holland vs Slovakia – I was there (in 3D)

Incredible, absolutely incredible, if you haven’t yet watched a match in 3d get off your backside and go buy a ticket.

I wouldn’t think that it matters whether it’s Tennis, Football, Grand Prix, whatever, I simply can’t describe the feeling.

I paid the rip off FIFA price of R100 a seat (Toy Story is only R60) I don’t care, what an experience, what a day, I only hope that our New Zealand mates will offer it next year, to watch the Boks playing the AB’s at ground level in 3D will be a sight to behold.

9 thoughts on “Holland vs Slovakia – I was there (in 3D)”

  1. OK, Souts, I’m convinced.

    I have this vague memory, though, of funny paper or plastic spectacles. Perhaps 3D has moved on?

  2. That shot looks like the Dutch TV cameraman hash already been outshide for a leetle shmoke.


  3. Morning Ara,

    Here’s the glasses that I wore yesterday, none of that one red lens one green stuff!

    A perfectly normal looking pair of specs, made of very lightweight plastic and sold to us for R5 a pair.

    We are encouraged to keep them and of course take them along whenever we want to view a 3D movie. Our household already owns 3 pairs as a result of the family watching previous movies (e.g. Toy Story 3 recently)

  4. Ha ha OZ

    The picture is actually the cinema screen taken inside the theater on my phone!

    It appears ‘fuzzy’ because without the abovementioned glasses it is fuzzy 😉

  5. Soutie – I left a gift for you at MyT 🙂 look it up when you get a chance

    Yes, 3D TV is awesome, they are testing here in Australia right now but only on satellite TV.

  6. And can you believe it, I fell asleep 20 minutes or so into the game 😦

  7. I’d love to see Brazilian beach Netball in 3D, would make my day, it would 🙂

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