Fifa Fan Fest

I’ve completed my personal trilogy of events, attended a world cup match (been to three actually, one more to go), watched a game live in a cinema in 3D and yesterday spent the afternoon at our very own Fan Fest!

This really is a very big screen, it’s reported to be the largest in Africa and perhaps the Southern Hemisphere. I’m told that it was last used at the Canadian winter olympics and shipped over here.

Next to the big screen is an equally large stage, between last nights matches a local ‘boy band’ (Locnville (never heard of them)) were scheduled to perform, as I left after the first game there were literally thousands of young girls pouring into the stadium, I assumed to watch the concert and not pretty boy Ronaldo!

The football was awful, the match went to extra time and still finished goalless, we then watched the dreaded penalty shootout, that gets a little tense, to summarize the Japs missed one the Paraguayans didn’t and it’s Paraguay that progress to the next round for a meeting with Spain.

“What about the beer?” I hear you say.

Well, the world wide ‘exclusive’ beer provider to FIFA was unable to cope with distribution of their product down here, so they sub-contracted to our own brewery giant, S.A.B.

S.A.B weren’t allowed any branding, so we drank ‘no name beer’, as the picture shows it was packaged as ‘South African Beer’ everybody however was well aware that we were drinking Castle lager, not my personal favourite but when your choices are limited, what can you do? I was able to force a couple down!

We collected a couple of momentos, enjoyed glorious weather (it was 31°C at lunchtime but cooled to perhaps 20° by late afternoon) and received a vuvuzela lesson from these youngsters.

All in all, another great day out.

By the way, if you click on my pictures you should be taken to a larger version where the detail is a bit clearer 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fifa Fan Fest”

  1. That’s a monster screen, leaves my 53 inch computer monitor well behind the race. Glad you’re having fun Soutie, I remember when we had the Olympics here in Australia, Ooogled eyed people full of smiles all over the place, must be the same over there 🙂

  2. Ja well

    I’ve just dropped off two Brazilians (males) at their Guest House, I’ve just got home, met Brian from Sydney, Terry from Gloucester (who I also took home) and a couple of Slovenian fans who are obviously just here for the jol.

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