Lucky boy (cont.)

What a day.

What great organization, 5 star treatment from the moment that I arrived ’till the moment that I left.

I was asked earlier what whisky was being served, well I don’t drink the stuff but the whisky on offer in our suite was something called ‘J & B Jet’

Fortunately for me, when I mentioned my dilemma to one of the staff a bottle of brandy magically appeared, that’s more my style, a couple of beers (Bud, it’s awful but I forced a couple down (didn’t want to offend my hosts 😉 )) followed by a few brandy and cokes during the match. I hear some of you laughing at the stereotype (beer and brandy& coke), well, leopards don’t change their spots even in FIFA suites!

I had a great time, I’ve had a great month of it actually, South Africa returns to normal tomorrow, no hangover, no regrets and loads of happy memories, FIFA’s advertising blurb is absolutely spot on, ‘Once in a lifetime.’

Their other slogan wasmake sure you can say I WAS THERE’, I did and I wasn’t disappointed.

Last night's menu

5 thoughts on “Lucky boy (cont.)”

  1. Hi, Soutie.

    Well, I’m glad that the evening made up for the morning,

    I realise that Bakkies Botha is one of yours as both a Bull and a Bokke, but what was he thinking about? Cowan’s desire to get his pants off him obviously distressed him but no excuse for that head butt, in my opinion. Not surprised that it’s a nine week ban.

    I hope that the Bokke can bounce back next week but that All Black performance was pretty awesome. On the good guys’ side, I thought Kirchner was outstanding.

    As to the alleged whisky you were offered, it’s a blend! You should have tried it with coke.

  2. Morning JM

    Was there was rugby yesterday?

    We’re all still in football mode at the moment, our tri-nations only starts next week 😉

  3. Football/Rugby and Whisky/Brandy? Life is full of choices, and I guess in both cases you made the wrong one 🙂

  4. Hi again Soutie

    Just finished watching Griquas v Sharks, having recorded if from yesterday.

    Plunged into even greater despair. It was a cracking match to watch even if the result was a disappointment. My despair is principally because Pat Lambie is just too good. With a name like that, there has to be a qualifying Jock ancestor in there somewhere and we would surely have had a chance at him if he were even slightly inept.

    A major kudos to the whole of SA for a well-run WC. Radio Five Live ran regular features from over there and never ceased to rave about the welcome which the entire country was giving to the world.

    C’mon the Cloggies. Get it right up their castanets!

  5. Not a bad result, Soutie, when you think about it.

    You had a brilliant time, and I think the whole thing has been a triumph for South Africa.

    Is it finished yet? Is it safe to turn on the TV? 😉

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