Nice try but no Kruger Rand

Some of you may remember my post of March 2nd in which I promised Sepp Blatter a Kruger Rand if our ‘rapid bus network’ was completed by Christmas. It was supposed to be ready for the World Cup!

My exact words were;-

We were promised a ‘rapid bus/rail network’ , ha ha ha ha, :) if the lanes are ready by Christmas I will personally send Uncle Sepp a Christmas card and a Kruger Rand!

Here’s Kempston Road (a vital main thoroughfare) this morning.

Disaster area

This is a route that I and my colleagues use 3/4 times a week, it’s a nightmare and has been for the best part of a year.

One of our nice new buses

Of course the construction workers all went on holiday on 15th December and will probably be back by the 2nd week of January.

Our municipality went a bought 12 of these nice new Volvo buses at a cost of over a £ 1,000,000.

They were used on our 8 match days and have been in storage ever since!

Other recent news was that 2 million rands (£ 200,000) worth of motorcycles arrived last month, they were supposed to be here for the world cup and used as ‘outriders’ to no doubt remind the FIFA officials of their importance, I have no idea what we’ll do with them now, perhaps they made nice Christmas gifts for some ANC cadres somewhere.

Of course where the bus lanes are completed, we have a free for all of motorists using them as shortcuts, here’s me using one of the lanes this morning 😉


An unused Bus Lane

So, Sepp as I said in my title Nice try but no Kruger Rand, better luck in four years time in Brazil, I think that you’re going to need it!

7 thoughts on “Nice try but no Kruger Rand”

  1. Ha ha Ara, not when it comes to the people in power here, this is Africa remember.

    I have a feeling that our City’s roads department are doing the bulk of the work themselves, so there’s nobody to penalize.

    One thing about this type of work, most of it’s manual, not very much automation which doesn’t help deadlines! It’s a good idea though, we have little groups of ‘sub-contractors’ all with picks, shovels and wheelbarrows doing an honest days work.

    I remember a 10 mile or so stretch of road having streetlamps installed, not a truck or mechanical digger to be seen, provided employment for hundreds of people for months!

  2. Morning Boa.

    I have no doubt that the lanes will be finished early in the new year (just on a year after the World Cup!)

    I doubt if they will ever be used though!

    The introduction of such a system will probably put around 5 or 10 thousand ‘informal’ taxi drivers out of work, or seriously reduce their income, they’ll never allow that. There will be riots in the streets before the first Volvo gets into a bus lane and if it does the taxi operators will simply destroy them.

    Perhaps I should put a bid in for one, looks like it could make a great mobile home 😉

  3. Head shakes in wonder! Not a lot of point starting the project then? Just fancy dressing for the Football Authorities! 🙂

    Perhaps I should put a bid in for one, looks like it could make a great mobile home

    I should get in quick – sounds a great idea and others might have the same notion!

  4. There is a silver lining, I sympathise with the plight of the taxi operators, we the normal road users would like the lanes to be used by the taxis!

    It would keep them off our bit of the road (they drive like lunatics at full throttle 90% of the time, the other 10% is when they are stationery), could become a win win!

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