Sepp Blatter’s folly

Buffelsfontein Rd, Sunday morning

During the last week of last year’s FIFA world cup four huge  advertising signboards suddenly appeared on the main thoroughfares of Port Elizabeth advertising the ‘upcoming FIFA World Cup’ and welcoming visitors to our shores! (Really huge, this road is 4 lanes wide and had a sign on each side!)

The installations caused an uproar, not because they were late but they are darn ugly, an intrusion into our daily lives and a traffic hazard, we have enough accidents down here as it is, further driver distractions aren’t necessary, besides who paid for them.

It has now transpired that the installations were illegal, the necessary municipal approval never obtained and the company(s) involved forced to remove them.

Needless to say, I was delighted when I saw them being removed last Sunday, good riddance.

Sorry about the picture quality but it was a snapshot from my phone, the traffic officer (extreme left of pic) wouldn’t have been to pleased with me if he’d noticed

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