December Photo Competition (revisited)

Seas & Skies

The Indian Ocean

A picture which includes either the sea or sky is what’s required this month, there, that can’t be too difficult can it?

The winner will be announced once I’ve recovered from seeing in 2015, that should be some time in the afternoon of the 1st of January 2015!

Ungrateful? Not me!

My thanks to Madiba for giving me democracy
and his able successor, Thabo ~ baai baai danke
For guiding us through those difficult years
took patience and courage to allay people’s fears.

My thanks too to Jacob for steering our ship
no easy task, There could have been many a slip.
A bountiful country with employment for all
Roofs over our heads, public services on call Continue reading “Ungrateful? Not me!”

Remembrance weekend & gravatars

I always think of “Toc” our late member when this time of the year comes around.

It was always he that stirred us into to casting our minds back and thinking of those who fell during the many conflicts, in many different parts of the world for far too long.

I was pleased to see the Springboks with the poppy on our shirt during the destruction of the Welsh in Cardiff yesterday. In remembrance of Toc and the millions of others, I’ve changed mine.

(re-posted from last year, complete with comments)

5 years

So Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to 5 years jail for the killing of his girlfriend by shooting at her through a toilet door!

The feeling down here (and I spoke to a fair cross section of people yesterday) was one of relief that any sentence was not wholly suspended and that it wasn’t long enough!

But that’s ‘justice’ these days, one has to accept that times have changed and move on.

Relocating Rhino

Is this not a wonderful photo? I just had to share.

It was on the front page of one of my Sunday reads today, it was accompanied by an article explaining that Kruger are relocating over a thousand rhino from ‘high risk’ areas (read close to Mozambique border) to other parts of the park, other parts of the country and even other countries (Botswana and Namibia were mentioned.) Good luck to them.

There was more good news on my 1 o’clock news bulletin. Continue reading “Relocating Rhino”