Ungrateful? Not me!

My thanks to Madiba for giving me democracy
and his able successor, Thabo ~ baai baai danke
For guiding us through those difficult years
took patience and courage to allay people’s fears.

My thanks too to Jacob for steering our ship
no easy task, There could have been many a slip.
A bountiful country with employment for all
Roofs over our heads, public services on call

My thanks as well to the governing party
who else could produce this but the A N C
Our little corner, where none go hungry,
nothing to fear, side by side so happily

And finally my thanks to the doctors and staff
for looking after me, can’t be easy by half.
And the kind lady, in the white suit with the frills
who morning, day and night never forgets my pills.

7 thoughts on “Ungrateful? Not me!”

  1. Thanks Christopher

    Getting one ‘Te he he’ made it all worth it, I’m pleased that you liked it 😉

  2. Can you tell us whether the report that the prosecution case against Dewani may collapse is true, Soutie?

  3. Sheona, I have no idea, I’m not following it at all and unlike the Oscar trial it is rarely on our news bulletins or our front pages.

    I do however think that it has become almost standard procedure for the defence to call for a mistrial as soon as the prosecution rests.

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