At breakfast this morning my wife said she was leaving me because of my obsession with twitter.

I nearly choked on my #Brown


23 thoughts on “Twitter”

  1. Janus, I assume that I am missing the point with this blog. My instinct tells me that you all understand something that I don’t re. twitter.

  2. Hello Gaz,

    It’s a regional thing, that symbol #, (alt+35 on your keyboard) is called “hash” by the twiterati, it forms the leader to their name.

    In the real world it is called “Pound” or “Number” in the Americas, “Hex” in the far east and lots of other things in other places.

    It was placed on the telephone keyboard by the Bell system, where it is used to indicate the end of a number. They call it “Octothorp” but they also call * (asterisk) “sextile” (no one else does). They also insisted on placing the numbers on the handset in a different order than that which was already on every electronic calculator, just to show they could. All telephone service providers followed this illogical lead.

    Microsoft insist it is “Sharp” as in C# but it is not. Sharp (the musical symbol) is almost impossible to produce on a computer keyboard, but easy on a piano.

    incidentally the breakfast potato is really called Hashed Brown (hashed meaning chopped in this case).

    Apart from all that it could just be possible Soutie meant it as a joke. πŸ™‚

  3. And another thing. What is it with this current ‘social media’ obsession? Look, if I’m paying professionally earned money to receive BBC News and Sky News I want to hear the news presented by a professional presenter, reporter or someone on the payroll of afore mentioned organisations even with properly conducted interviews with eye witnesses. I do NOT want to hear twatterings from illiterate numpties who have just been head:butting shallow Facebook style emotions into their tablet or not-so-smartphone.

    Even the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has just twatted a standard ‘our hearts reach out’ twat following the lorry crash in Glasgow this afternoon (as has the Niccula woman though I suspect both have a staff twatter to write such insincere inanities). Listen, sunshine, you’re the Prime Minister, not some spotty dweeb with his baseball hat on back to front. Get out of the shiny front door and make a proper statement if you must, but if it is not a sufficiently important affair of state for that then stop demeaning your position.



  4. Twitter is a paradise for the vapid, for those lacking the attention span allotted a gnat and those who are both vapid and lacking the attention span allotted a gnat. It seems as if most are the last category. Terribly insincere, terribly vague. It gives the sense of having addressed an issue without actually having addressed an issue in any meaningful way. Twitter, so it seems, is the symbol of much of what is wrong with current society.

  5. Christopher, I think you have summed up this Twitter nonsense beautifully. It’s for twits. I recently got an email from Linkedin because my cousin had obviously handed over his address list to it. But it’s meant to be for professional purposes and I don’t think I can be of any use to a civil engineer professionally. Now Linkedin keep telling me that I haven’t responded. Well, I have of course, but what I wrote would not add to cousin’s reputation.

  6. Well, I’m glad it’s not just me. ‘Terribly insincere, terribly vague’ from Christopher says it all. Whenever anything bad happens, the official media and authorities always spout the mantra of a ‘community coming together in support’, showing film of grief whores leaving flowers and teddy beats for someone they never met nor even knew.


  7. There is of course another side to this ‘social media’ coin.

    We are members of a ‘traffic community’ an absolute boon to our lives, giving us real time updates on not only traffic but all sorts of matters of public interest.

    (I had a flat tyre on a busy road a month or so ago, I messaged the group simply asking them to drive cautiously along that particular stretch of road, within 5 minutes two fellow members were there to lend a helping hand. Nice bit of reassurance should family members get into similar difficulties)

  8. Soutie, fairy nuff, let’s confine twitting to essential info, away from the insane worlds of Russell Brand and J Clarkson.

  9. For what it’s worth, I went to BΓΌrgerbΓΌro yesterday to take care of some paperwork. Looking at the list of services offered made me think of this thread and laugh a little. With services such as providing a Untersuchungsberechtigungsschein for Jugendarbeitsschutzgesetz compliance, I concluded that no German could ever have come up with Twitter.

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