7 thoughts on “Phil Hughes”

  1. An excellent batsman and a good-natured bloke that everyone liked. A tragedy, without doubt, but with such devastating head injuries it’s probably better for Phil that he’s now up for selection for the Celestial XI. He’ll be sorely missed though.

  2. Really sad. Will it bring in more regulation regarding helmet design and use or will the sport just continue to accept that you can’t make everything 100% safe?

  3. Such a young man. Very sad, though as you say, Bearsy, he’s probably better off than Schumacher.

  4. Very sad. But knowing the extent of Hughes’ injuries – not surprising. It is, perhaps, more surprising that he lived as long as he did – all credit to those who dealt with the accident on the field.

    The helmet designers have said that it would be virtually impossible to design a helmet that provides complete protection without limiting movement.

    I don’t think we can ever make everything 100% safe – and would we want to? We all complain about the Nanny State – this was a freak accident.

    Hughes is wherever he is – none of us truly knows where. My thoughts are with Abbot, who bowled the ball. In this age where every thing has to be someone’s ‘fault’ I hope that that young man can come to terms with the fact that he is not culpable.

  5. Boycs has made the point that helmets tend to make players ignore danger; fear used to protect them to some extent. Very sad day.

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