Test cricket- a report for our non cricketers

South Africa are currently playing India in a 5 day test match in Nagpur India. Nagpur is one of the largest cities in central India a hub of commerce and industry and often referred to as ‘Orange City’, not because the ladies wear beautifully decorated orange saris but because lots of oranges are grown there. Continue reading “Test cricket- a report for our non cricketers”

20 years ago today

F.W.De Klerk and Nelson Mandela celebrate the end of apartheid

20 years, not that long ago. Frederik Willem De Klerk announced the unbanning of the ANC, PAC, S.A.Communist Party and a host of other political and labour groups, also that Nelson Mandela would be released from his incarceration.

Today’s youth don’t know any different. I was with a 30 year old yesterday he has no recollections of life under the National Party.

In one way it’s mission accomplished for our children, not being the pariah of the Continue reading “20 years ago today”

FIFA 2010 – 2 million tickets sold

There are approximately 3million tickets on offer for this years Football World Cup to be held in South Africa during June and July.

Having already sold two thirds of them must surely be a feather in the cap for the organisers. I of course have applied for 14 of them

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Here he is in the back of my car.

On my way home this evening, there were three locals chasing this dog through the bush. Fortunately I drive a 4×4.

Off I went, after them, they scattered.

One of the layabouts had the cheek to walk up (after the dog was safely in my car) and ask me if it was my dog, I told him in no uncertain terms to piss off.

The dog fortunately had a collar and ID, he was reunited with his owner (who walked up to my house) an hour ago.